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What You Need to Know About SolidWorks 3D Models

CAD professionals who specialize in SolidWorks can help optimize your designs. They do this by using the software to simulate real-world conditions and test multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios. This can be extremely beneficial for engineering design companies who are not experts at generating SolidWorks 3D models.

What CAD / CAM Services Have to Tell You About SolidWorks 3D Models

With the right SolidWorks CAD services, it becomes easy to create 3D CAD models that simply complex designs of mechanical and industrial products, especially for critical parts. Additionally, SolidWorks CAD services such as CAD / CAM services can align manufacturers with design engineers. It is high time the world moved away from paper sketches and to CAD designs and models.

Most companies today want to use 3D model services in one way or the other. Rough 3D models are often utilized to convey concepts while detailed 3D models are created throughout the design process. These models can be used to create photorealistic renderings for marketing purposes or program manufacturing operations.

Typically, two dimensional or 2D drawings are created for manufacturing specifications and documentation. However, the backbone of most engineering designs is three-dimensional or 3D CAD modeling. By creating accurate 3D CAD models in SolidWorks, CAD / CAM services allow clients to virtually assemble their product to ensure it all fits together and achieves the required design goals.

Additionally, CAD / CAM services can pull various parameters from the SolidWorks 3D models before any prototypes are built. These parameters include weight, the center of mass location, moments of inertia, and the like. The type of 3D modeling that CAD / CAM services use SolidWorks for is parametric modeling.

If you’re not familiar with the term, parametric modeling refers to features based on parameters like dimensions for size, equations to drive a geometric shape, material density to drive mass. These parameters are easily adjusted at any time to update the design as it matures. It is important to note here that a CAD drawing or model is associated with the part that is being represented. Therefore, any changes made to the part model will automatically show up in the assembly model and drawing.

All CAD models including SolidWorks 3D models of CAD / CAM services are created using a clean and efficient style. With years of experience creating 3D CAD models, CAD / CAM services always deliver high-quality and error-free CAD models. Additionally, using SolidWorks, CAD / CAM services can take the 3D part and assembly models and link them to two-dimensional (2D) drawings and documentation.

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