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Case Studies

3D Scanning of Impeller by Laser and Computer Tomography

Sometimes due to the unavailability of spare parts, you have to make them yourself. This is the story of how we helped our client to recreate the missing parts with a full range of CAD design services: from CT scanning (due to complicated geometry) to...

Automotive Design from 3D Scans

Though 3D scans post-processing is more time and resource-consuming, it is impossible to recreate an original design from poor quality scans.

CAD Migration with Custom Standard

Despite being a relatively old industry, CAD software is still rapidly developing. This makes manufacturers change their focus CAD software. The migration process can be very time consuming, especially when you have your standards. We have proven that...

Design Improvement through Reverse Engineering

Sometimes photos alone can be a sufficient input for a CAD Perfect™ reverse engineering.

Existing Design Modification

Even traditional sports with a long history can benefit from modern CAD technologies. New things can be created without breaking old rules. Parametric modeling helped us to create new putter head designs.

Managing Critical Drawings: Our Take on Central Arizona Project

Infrastructure as intricate as Central Arizona Project’s (CAP) involves complex drawings that need to be continuously monitored and updated.