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Professional Outsourced CAD & CAE Services

Our team at CAD/CAM Services has over 100 engineers and drafts men that are ready to tackle your most difficult projects. We have a rich history of helping engineering companies just like yours. We’ve worked on massive projects, like creating a million drawings for Amazon or creating a full reverse-engineered 3D assembly of an F35 fighter jet. At the same time, we’ve handled countless small projects like making one-off brackets for a defense contract or simulating stresses on an I-beam in a plastics ware house. With this experience, we know how to handle your smallest or largest project alike.

We can thank our team of engineers when it comes to the successes we’ve seen over the past 35 years. You can come to us with a napkin sketch, a physical part, or an idea in your head, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will go through the full engineering process to create manufacturing drawings and a 3D CAD file of your part, assembly, operation, or entire warehouse.

Our staff is filled with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and engineers with dozens of years of experience. When you choose CAD/CAM Services, you can leverage all of our experience for yourself. The result? Better designs, faster turnarounds, more competitive prices, and fewer headaches. Our sole mission is to provide CAD Perfect™ engineering drawings to American companies just like yours.

What Goes Into Outsourced CAD and CAE Services? 

Outsourcing your CAD and CAE work to a high-quality shop entails a different team of engineers tackling your toughest engineering problems. This could be a very simple continuation of an existing design, creating a new design from scratch, or taking your idea to the next step and creating manufacturing drawings.

In any case, outsourcing your work to CAD/CAM Services is a quick way to free up your in-house engineers to focus on bigger and more critical problems. In addition, it’s a quick way to add more engineering manpower to your staff without interviewing, screening, and hiring new full-time engineers. With outsourced engineering, you only pay for the work you need, and never anything else.

We have over 100 engineers and draftsmen at our disposal that we can assign to your projects to ensure each project is done quickly and efficiently.


Why Choose CAD/CAM Services?

So many people have relied on us to unlock professional-grade engineering drawings — but, why? Once you work with us, you’ll recognize the difference. Other outsourced CAD companies like to cut corners, ignore your emails, and not treat you with the respect you deserve. At CAD/CAM Services, you are our biggest focus.

We designate specific in-house Project Managers who not only oversee all of the work done for your project, but also will be in regular communication with you. With a single point of contact, you won’t have to deal with the confusion of knowing who to talk to about what. We make it really easy.

In addition, our massive team of experienced engineers takes every project very seriously. We take pride in our work, and we view each client’s project as an extension of ourselves. Every drawing goes through rounds of peer reviews and quality checks before we’re comfortable enough to share the design with you. These steps protect you from low-quality work and the need for you to waste your time.

So, why do people choose CAD/CAM Services? Because of who we are. We are one of the most experienced 3D modeling and CAD conversion companies in the country, and that comes with a long history of exceeding expectations and delivering high-quality work to engineering departments just like yours. From an initial prototype to a full production run, you can trust our engineers to get you CAD Perfect™ results.

Our computer-aided engineering (CAE) services include:

  • Concept Development
  • Professional Prototyping
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Production Design
  • Creating Manufacturing Drawings
  • 2D and 3D Mechanical Design
  • 2D and 3D Engineering
  • 2D and 3D CAD
  • Professional 2D and 3D CAD Conversions
  • FEA, Fluid, Thermal, and Dynamic Simulation
  • 3D Printing
  • And Much More (including Custom Services)

Contact us to learn more about how our experienced mechanical engineers can collaborate with you to bring your designs to life. Whether you have a new concept to develop or an existing design to improve, our team is ready to support your engineering needs.