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Precise and Efficient Creaform 3D Scanners and Software Solutions

‍Creaform develops highly accurate industrial 3D scanners.

These portable 3D scanners are designed to expedite each of your projects, regardless of your industry or application. They are non-contact tools that will give you full 3D models of your parts, accelerating your time to market and removing room for error thanks to the incredible accuracy offered by each of these scanners. Creaform is at the top of the industry for a good reason. These four options are incredibly fast scanning solutions that offer metrology-grade measurements on any type of material. They help with new product development, reverse engineering, NDT, and production optimization.

Best Quality Metrology Equipment

Best Quality Metrology Equipment

HandySCAN 3D | BLACK Series

This flagship HandySCAN scanner is the fastest, most reliable, and most accurate option on the market. It’s the best option for high-quality product development.

Accuracy: as low as 0.025 mm

‍Resolution: 0.025 mm

HandySCAN 3D | Silver Series

The Silver series is an American-made scanner that strikes the perfect balance of performance, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. It uses the same metrology-grade technology to 3D scan your parts at a more reasonable price.

‍Accuracy: as low as 0.030 mm

Resolution: 0.050mm


Choose the Go!Scan 3D for faster and more convenient scanning. This tool offers an effortless way to capture color and the shape of any 3D object.

Accuracy: as low as 0.050 mm

Resolution: 0.100 mm

MetraSCAN 3D Optical CMM 3D

The best option for manufacturing professionals who don’t want to sacrifice quality. The MetraSCAN will accelerate your 3D measurement workflow and unlock faster turnarounds for your engineering efforts.

Accuracy: as low as 0.025 mm

Resolution: 0.025 mm

Other Metrology Equipment


Any shop floor can benefit from this versatile and flexible CMM alternative.


Automate your quality checks with this all-in-one optical CMM scanner.


Offering the best scanning quality on large-scale projects and parts as big as 10m (32.8ft).

3D Software Platform and Application Suite


Versatile and flexible alternative to traditional CMM for any shop floors requiring precision measurements.


Dimensional inspection software module

A dimensional inspection software module for comprehensive inspection processes.


Optical CMM 3D scanners and probe

Versatile and flexible alternative to traditional CMM for any shop floors requiring precision measurements.


Versatile and flexible alternative to traditional CMM for any shop floors requiring precision measurements.


Dynamic tracking software module

Dynamic tracking module that controls displacements, drive assembly processes and measure deformations


Digital Twin Environment Software Module

Create reliable and accurate digital twin environments for program preparation, parameter simulation, and execution.


Which portable scanner is right for you?

Our collection of Creaform 3D metrology-grade scanners will meet the needs of your project, regardless of your industry or application. They’re all easy to use, highly accurate, and deliver exceptional results. See our chart to understand how they compare so you can pick the right one for your next project.