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3D Modeling

3D Modeling Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Transforming ideas into high-quality 3D CAD models

Unlock the power of 3D modeling with our professional CAD services. We offer top-notch 3D modeling solutions for various industries, utilizing leading software such as CATIA, Solidworks, PTC Creo, and Siemens NX. Whether you need conceptual designs, precision engineering models, or production-ready files, we have you covered.

What we can do for you:

Native 3D CAD models in your preferred software, meeting aerospace-grade accuracy of ±.005".

Detailed 2D engineering and dimensional drawings to support manufacturing and assembly processes.

Ready-to-use 3D files for CNC machinery or 3D printing, ensuring seamless production.

What we need from you:

  • Specific software version requirements for compatibility.
  • Purpose and intended use of the CAD models.
  • Are any critical dimensions or accuracy specifications to consider?

Industries We Serve

We provide 3D modeling services for the following industries:






Concept Development

How it Works!

Our client sends us a source for CAD processing along with as many details as possible. Types of source documents may include:

  • Raster images
  • Hand sketches
  • 3D point clouds
  • 2D PDF/CAD files
  • Physical objects to 3D scan
  • Mylar drawings
  • Legacy or exotic CAD format files


How do you bill 3D CAD services tasks?

Per hour. Hourly rate depends on what CAD software used and typically starts at $75 per hour.  In general, to make this process safer for you, we often provide you a fixed not to exceed the cost as well.  That way, you are protected from an open-ended PO. However, the reality is our fees are based on time. In addition, services in say Catia or NX are more expensive than say Solidworks. Or, simulation services are commonly done by real engineers.

What do you need to give me accurate pricing?

First of all, we need to know the target CAD system and whether you have an existing  template, or set of CAD standards for this project.

The main question is the overall complexity. As each part and assembly consists of different features and elements the best way is to provide us with an example.  Again, a picture is worth a thousand words.

If you already have a model and need us to improve it or update it in any way we need to know which dimensions and features are critical and which can be modified to achieve your desired result.  Even a before and after example works very well. We started with x, and got to this CAD file.

We can also offer you better options if you provide us with the purpose of your project (demonstration, 3D printing, FEA Simulation, CNC manufacturing, etc.).  This helps us better refine the task.

How do you check your models?

We create 2D drawings from our 3D models for QC purposes. We follow aerospace standards and deliver ±.005” accuracy models for all projects.  All of our QC is done by a different person than the designer. On Catia work, we often use Q-Checker for Airbus.

What is the minimum price for your 3D modeling services?

We have a minimum order fee $150.