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2D CAD Services |2D Drafting | 2D Drawing

What used to be referred to as simply Drafting, and then CAD, is now designated as 2D CAD, meaning that the design is done in 2D space (length and width). This distinction is necessary since the advent of 3D CAD, which incorporates the added depth coordinate.

Despite the prevalence of 3D design, 2D CAD is still widely used by many of our customers and may include operations such as raster to vector conversion and scan to CAD. 2D CAD is frequently used to generate printed drawings such as:

  • Whiteprints (formerly called blueprints)
  • Floor plans
  • Architectural drawings
  • Engineering drawings
  • Technical drawings
  • Schematic drawings

When you don't have the manpower in-house to generate the drawings that you need, let our experienced professional drafters provide quality 2D CAD, mechanical and architectural drafting for all of your design and planning needs.

We provide qualified engineers and architects who perform 2D CAD services. CAD/CAM has a dedicated, yet scalable team that can respond quickly to requirements for drafting services. We handle all sizes and formats of 2D CAD and can even supply hand drawn CAD drafting services according to your specifications when required.

Before starting your 2D CAD project our team of engineers and architects can be trained on the drafting standards of your company. We stress accuracy of the final output for all of our services.

Our company will adhere to AIA or custom layering standards, whichever you prefer. Finished products are delivered fast and according to specifications.

We offer fixed price for 2D CAD services for all industries. CAD/CAM Services customers use our 2D CAD services when they need specialized drawings such as:

  • Assembly drawings
  • Piping and Instrumentation diagrams
  • Fabrication drawings
  • Component design layouts
  • Mechanical parts design drawings
  • Machine tool and mold designs
  • Product design schematics
  • Manufacturing diagrams
  • Shop drawings

Join our satisfied customers by using CAD/CAM's 2D CAD services.

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