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Partner with Us and Become Our Reseller

Provide your customers or your team the solution they need and let us help you fix their problem!

CAD / CAM Services has been delivering CAD Perfect™ files and services for over 35 years, establishing long-lasting relationships with thousands of government organizations, from complex 3D designs to pushing the limits of leading CAD software.

If you are...

  • a 3D scanning company that needs help in creating that mesh or CAD file;
  • Or are in the reprographics business with a customer who needs some CAD work done;
  • Or a 3D printing company with a client who has the part and you need the CAD file;
  • a part of a team and want to refer your company to us

...then partner with us today and profit from our experience and expertise!

The client is yours, not ours. We never reach out to the customer without your permission. We can pay you finder's fees or let you take the lead---whatever your choice is, we're here to help! By reselling our services, you can provide your customers with the solutions they need to complete their projects, while you're leveraging your network and earning referral fees from us at the same time!