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For fast-turn prototyping, low volume manufacturing, appearance models and advanced prototyping.

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generally starts off with an STL or WRL file, which is exported from your CAD system. There can also be a difference between a 3D CAD file vs. a 3D printable file.

Think of a hollowed out section as an example, or geometric and structural issues; all of which are time-consuming to fix using traditional modeling tools. However, clean solid filled exportable files are standard anymore with most current 3D CAD systems.

Of course, the next questions are what material type to use, and what accuracy is required? 3D printers are now accurate enough for Aerospace use.


The printer operator questions will often ask: how complex the geometry is, minimum thickness, maybe any undercuts, any internal structures, or multiple substrates needed.

All of these answers will determine what printer to use.

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working with 3D design tools such as SketchUp and Revit

Converted from Sketchup


creating parts or scaled prototypes


All of our designs are directly suitable for 3D printing.

They are accurate, and printable STL files are included at no extra fee.


that need to ensure that their customer’s 3D files are ready to 3D print


wanting to save time and money preparing their files for 3D printing

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Cutting Edge Algorithms Enable 3D Model Creation Like Never Before

The common CAD software tools are not able to communicate directly with the 3D printers in their “native language”. Most files sent for printing fail to print. In the few cases where 3D architectural models are printed properly, the designer must employ an expert to prepare the model files for printing, a long process involving manual fixing of the model.

Many printing issues are caused by changing the scale of the model significantly in order to print the model. So what’s new?

A Technological Breakthrough: 3D MTP Succeeds to overcome the complex 3D printing challenges

After two years of intense research and development, 3D MTP launched a unique cloud-based software solution (patent-pending) allowing models to be printed seamlessly from all commonly-used CAD software without the need for any preparation.

3D MTP introduces a set of innovative algorithms to solve the issues related to 3D model printing. The solution allows generating CAD models in any color, texture, and scale in an accurate replication of the CAD design.

How does it work?

The 3D MTP innovation is based on cutting-edge algorithms which study the geometric structure of the model and automatically generate a 3D printable file.

3D MTP is cloud-based and doesn’t require software installation. The algorithms automatically adjust the processing power according to the complexity of the model, using cloud computing technologies and giving the user a personal management page where the processing and printing queue can be managed and monitored.

An additional software component, the 3D MTP Studio can be installed and used for complete control and advanced processing operations in addition to the web-based access method.


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