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BIM Outsource Services

Are you looking for a BIM outsource company with enough knowledge, expertise and communication skills to provide accurate BIM Services? Our experienced BIM Outsourcing Team has many combined years of professional BIM experience.CAD / CAM Service was an early adapter of 2D – 3D conversion technology and BIM.As a result of our early start in this technology, we have become experts at helping not only the AEC community but also the manufacturing, aerospace, defense and other users of BIM and 3D CAD technology. From our Celina, Texas, USA location we have helped innovative firms across the globe with their BIM requirements.We can create intelligent BIM objects for building contractors and product manufacturers from existing printed or electronic product data, illustrations, and 2D CAD files.Your drawings, plans, blueprints, and PDF files will be transformed into a true BIM model with rich details and clean layers and references. Our professional engineers and architects are qualified to perform BIM applications using nearly any BIM/3D CAD program, such Revit, Solid Works, CATIA, and others.

3D CAD program

With an eye to both economics and growth, many companies have found that it’s beneficial to take advantage of our BIM outsource services and rendering. We have the talent you need at a fraction of the cost that it would take you to do the work in-house. We give you the option of a scalable BIM-experienced work-force, available when you need us.BIM tools are constantly evolving and improving, and we stay current with the latest technology. Even if your specific project requirements are not listed, please contact us, as we can usually meet nearly any BIM need.

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