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Case Studies

Case Study: Existing Design Modification

Case Study: Existing Design Modification

The Task:

Sometimes our clients have some projects which need only slight improvements. Even in these cases, it is necessary to have engineering and design expertise.

We were contacted by the putter heads manufacturer, who wanted to enlarge his assortment by adding new modified types of putter heads. For a long-established sport like golf, it is essential to stick to traditions and some historically-evolved standards. The goal of the project was to modify the putter head shape, but there were substantial restrictions concerning the center of mass localization.

The Solution:

To update an existing design, look no further than our reverse engineering services. With the help of modern 3D scanning devices, it is possible to get very accurate geometric representation of desired object which makes it possible to manipulate with object’s shape in CAD systems.

After obtaining 3D scans of existing putter head design, our specialists created a Solidworks part and later divided into many segments. All segments’ dimensions were interconnected based on the center of mass calculations and thanks to the parametric modeling it was possible to swiftly adjust geometrical parameters of the putter head while leaving the center of mass at the same place.

parametric adjustment
Demonstration of parametric adjustment


The Result:

Our work helped significantly reduce development costs and provide our client with a large variety of putter head geometries. The tweaked model made it possible for our team to swiftly react to wishes expressed by our client, which sped up all experiments with putter head shape and made it possible to achieve our result quickly.

If you want to improve your existing design we can help you create it with all the necessary qualities and parameters.