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Complex Structure Reverse Engineered in CATIA

Complex Structure Reverse Engineered in CATIA

CATIA is the premium 3D CAD software system from Dassault Systèmes. It is usually used for “heavy-lifting” tasks. 

This CAD software has a long history, which starts in 1977. You can easily notice it by looking at the CATIA user interface. UI complexity contributes greatly to the steep learning curve, preventing many engineers from mastering this software.

Nonetheless, CATIA empowers engineers to perform various tasks with surfaces and clouds of points, making it the best tool for aerospace, automotive and civil engineers.

 That’s why some of the most popular CATIA 3D design services we offer include: 


Thanks to its Powerfit function CATIA is able to handle surfaces and clouds of points obtained through 3D scanning better than any other 3D design tool available on the market.

Deviation Analysis of the Structure Reverse Engineered in CATIA

Deviation Analysis of the Structure Reverse Engineered in CATIA

Various add-ons allow creating a complete product design without leaving CATIA. Such packages like Mentor Graphics make it possible to add wire harnesses and other electrical components to 3D models and assemblies.

Here at CAD/CAM, we are proud of our Mylar calibration technology. Most of the Mylar 2D drawings are converted with CATIA.

Right now the latest CATIA version is CATIA V5-6. During the transition from CATIA V4 to CATIA V5 the geometric kernel was changed. This made it complicated to transfer projects started in CATIA V4 to latter versions. Although there are some tools for automatic V4-V5 conversion it is common that sometimes the automatically generated models won’t contain all the features from the original V4 model.

We can help you with keeping your CATIA project up-to-date. Free your development team from the conversion routine. Trust us with CATIA to CATIA conversion.


Still struggling with which CAD to choose?

Creo Logo Creo features performance and capabilities while handling large parametric assemblies.


Solidworks Logo Fast, simple and easy-to-use. Perfect choice to develop concept designs and deliver the resulting product to market faster. Although for a serious industrial design we recommend using something else.


Autocad Logo Inventor is a nice solution if you are planning to use the resulting 3D design to work further in the Autodesk cloud. Autodesk, in general, provides the best solutions to handle BIM and architectural jobs.


NX logo Heavy lifting all-in-one enterprise solution with full product lifecycle management.

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