Professional Solidworks Modeling Services for You

Solidworks example

Typical Solidworks Project

SolidWorks is the CAD System from Dassault Systemes. It is the less expensive of popular CAD systems and is perfect for handling small and medium-sized CAD projects.

Our certified Solidworks 3D CAD specialists can help you with following Solidworks CAD services:

If you are interested in Solidworks outsourcing – you’ve come to the right place. 

This CAD software may look like a Swiss Army Knife: it сontains a wide range of CAD design tools aimed at the creation of 3D solid bodies and sheet metal 3D designs. There are special Solidworks Simulation and Motion Analysis add-ins. PhotoView is the perfect tool to create beautifully rendered visual materials promoting your designs.

 This enables small research and development groups to deliver innovative product designs while sticking at only one CAD.

Although, some of the Solidworks tools contain certain limitations. In order to maintain compatibility, the Solidworks engine is not particularly good at handling multiple CPU cores. Most of the tasks are either single-threaded or use 2 cores at max. 

Solidworks reverse engineered part

Solidworks Is Also Used in Reverse Engineering Tasks

So for complicated projects, we advise using more powerful software packages. Although SolidWorks is based around Parasolid geometrical kernel, so it has some degree of compatibility with other software.

If you have problems choosing and do not know exactly what can be done with your current project – don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are using the SolidWorks data management system (SolidWorks PDM) you won’t need to tell us how to work with it. We can integrate our workflow directly into your company’s infrastructure so you will get seamless updates of your outsourced projects.

Our team will offer you high-quality SolidWorks services or propose some other software as a replacement depending on the scope of work.

Our professional Solidworks 3D CAD services will deliver you CAD Perfect™ models – CAD models you won’t have to touch yourself. 

Still struggling with which CAD to choose?

Catia Logo Best for sheet metal and aerospace, outstanding performance while handling point clouds.


Creo Logo Creo features performance and capabilities while handling large parametric assemblies.


Autocad Logo Inventor is a nice solution if you are planning to use the resulting 3D design to work further in the Autodesk cloud. Autodesk, in general, provides the best solutions to handle BIM and architectural jobs.


NX logo Heavy lifting all-in-one enterprise solution with full product lifecycle management.

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