Just like many components are used to manufacture an aircraft, a lot of parts needs to be designed to give shape to an aircraft design. This includes designing of the aircraft’s wing. Wing design in CATIA V5 is a great choice for designing an aircraft wing and here’s why CAD / CAM services are the best choice for it.


What Makes CAD / CAM Services Ideal for Wing Design in CATIA V5

For nearly all phases of the aircraft design, CAD software such as CATIA has become a state-of-the-art design and analysis tool. Parametric CAD systems such as CATIA are based on the capability of a parametric CAD system to replay construction sequences with varied design parameters. This is the capability that allows CAD / CAM services to re-use a parametric wing design in CATIA V5 to create a vertical tailplane or parts that can be associated with other parts. This enables concurrent engineering practices.

In addition to the above, CAD / CAM services can exploit the parametric capabilities of CAD to generate extremely viable aircraft models ready for manufacture. Furthermore, CAD / CAM services can apply parametric construction strategies, which have been developed in the past, to model primary aircraft parts such as the wing, and fuselage and secondary parts, such as the wing tips, pylon, and belly fairing with CAD system such as CATIA V5.

The above provides insight into how CAD / CAM services can ensure a great aircraft design in CATIA V5 but what about the wing design? how efficient are CAD / CAM services at designing a wing in CATIA V5? The most important part of an aircraft, the wing has various structural components such as Skin, Ribs, Stringers, and Spars. These components are essential for the strength of the wing.

The main function of these components is to distribute the payload and the forces which act on the aircraft wing such as shear forces, tensile forces, and direct forces. CAD / CAM services ensure a great wing design in CATIA V5 by making sure these components are designed appropriately.

When using a parametric CAD system such as CATIA V5, the sequence of construction steps and their appropriate parameters, which are required to create a part such as an aircraft’s wing, are more important than the part itself. CAD / CAM services make sure that the right sequence for creating an aircraft’s wing and their appropriate parameters are used in the CATIA V5 design process.

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