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6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your SolidWorks Projects

Have you been looking for a faster and more affordable way to deal with your SolidWorks projects? Outsourcing might be right for you. In this quick guide, we’ll show you 6 reasons why you should outsource your SolidWorks projects.

What Is SolidWorks Outsourcing?

SolidWorks outsourcing is when you pay a team of engineers to handle your 2D and 3D CAD work on SolidWorks. The outsourced team might offer a variety of different services, and they could have a number of professional engineers on their staff.

You would pay this company on a per-project basis, and they are separate from your team. In other words, you don’t need to onboard them, set up desks for them, and have them go through HR. The outsourced team likely has a headquarters with desks and HR already.

In reality, you’re just paying a company to deliver CAD files to you.

6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your SolidWorks Projects

A lot of our clients choose CAD/CAM Services to handle their outsourced SolidWorks projects. Why? Here are 6 reasons that they typically tell us:

#1: It Saves You Money

Outsourcing your SolidWorks projects will save you money at the end of the day. Instead of paying for full-time engineers through your company, you will only pay for the engineering work that you need. At CAD/CAM Services, we focus on delivering low quotes and keeping our work affordable.

To do the same project in-house could cost you double when you deal with full-time in-house engineers.

#2: You Get Results Sooner

The other benefit is that we have over 100 engineers on our team. We can deliver projects exceptionally fast — we’ve delivered 3D models in as little as 24 hours in the past.

This is even more impressive when you’re dealing with larger SolidWorks projects. Instead of waiting months for your team to deliver a hundred SolidWorks part files, an outsourced team could have it to you in weeks.

At CAD/CAM Services, our engineer work three shifts, around the clock. We have 24/7 engineering support, and that’s partially how we can get files to you so quickly.

Female industrial engineer or technician worker in hard helmet and uniform using laptop checking on robotic arm machine. woman work hard in heavy technology invention industry manufacturing factory

#3: Rely on Industry Experts

It’s tough to find an industry expert, offer them a job, and afford to pay them the rate that they need. If you need to find a piping expert for one project, a lifting expert for another, and a third expert who deals with making manufacturing drawings, your budget will be destroyed.

Instead, you can outsource all three projects. If the outsourced engineering team is large enough, they likely have industry experts for all three fields within the same company.

You don’t need to go through the headaches of finding an experienced candidate for each project, allow the outsourced team to handle it.

Doing this will avoid headaches and free up a lot of your time. It also boosts the quality of work that you receive.

#4: Get Professional SolidWorks .sldasm Files

Let’s say you have to put together a multi-part SolidWorks assembly. This involves a lot of background knowledge and experience.

Doing it from scratch also requires a lot of focus and attention to detail.

When you deal with a top-notch outsourced SolidWorks team like CAD/CAM Services, this is no problem. We will happily deliver professional-grade, CAD Perfect SolidWorks .sldasm files.

We’ll handle all the modeling work so that you don’t have to worry about it. Regardless of how complicated the design and constraints are, we can create them from scratch. Alternatively, we can convert your 2D CAD files into expert-level SolidWorks models.

#5: Skip the SolidWorks Learning Curve

There’s an enormous learning curve associated with SolidWorks. It could take hundreds of hours to become truly proficient in this CAD software.

There are so many buttons that only work conditionally, and it’s incredibly difficult to make a perfect model. If your in-house engineers had to learn this, you would lose a lot of valuable time.

When you outsource your SolidWorks projects, this learning curve disappears. You can rely on experts who already know the program inside and out. This saves you countless hours upfront, and it results in getting the best models for your company.

#6: Allow Your Engineering Power to Meet What Your Project Needs

There is this delicate balance that happens when you have an in-house engineering team. You very rarely have exactly as many engineers as you need. You’re either understaffed to maintain your budget, or you have too many engineers and many of them are doing busy work until the next project comes up.

With an outsourced engineering team, you don’t have to worry about staffing issues. Allow the outsourcing manager from the company you choose to handle all of it. When you pick CAD/CAM Services, our manager will determine how many engineers you need, and you’ll never pay for engineering effort that you don’t need.

This is yet another way that you can save money when you outsource your project.


As you just learned, outsourcing your SolidWorks project can save you a lot of time and money. At the same time, you can avoid massive headaches and get expert-level help. For the best results, consider CAD/CAM Services.

We are a full-service engineering outsourcing team with over 100 experts on our team. We can handle your SolidWorks project, no matter how large or small it is. Get a free quote today.

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