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Why Mold-Makers Like Our 3D Design Services

Why Mold-Makers Like Our 3D Design Services

Customer Problem:  The mold-making industry is a highly-competitive one, and plastics tooling companies require fast, accurate, and cost-effective mold design.  Due to the ubiquitous globalization of market forces, U.S. Manufacturers such as this must adopt strategies that enable them to meet customer demand for shorter lead times and reduced pricing, while improving profitability.

U.S. manufacturers can learn much from observing the overseas mold building market. While at first glance, it may seem that the overseas markets, with their proliferation of cheap labor, has the edge over U.S. manufacturers.

But, with global instability consuming more of the public’s attention, the good news for the U.S. mold builder is that the U.S. is still the envy of the world. With the biggest economy in the world, and the most stable government in the world (election year blustering notwithstanding), the U.S. has the largest number of OEMs who need what mold-makers supply.  And, if you’re based in the U.S., selling to other U.S. firms, you have the advantage.

Cue the U.S. based 3D CAD Design Industry…

3D CAD Design Services for U.S. Mold Makers

While the pluses of being in the U.S. are strong, the U.S based mold builder we service is also smart enough to realize that overseas mold makers often use their lower-priced workforce and government subsidies to market to companies that may be feeling the global squeeze on their profit margins. While the U.S. mold maker may speak the language better, the overseas mold-maker knows that a potential customer is interested in savings.

What this means is that achieving success in today’s increasingly competitive mold-making industry requires smart choices about how you run your business.

Full disclosure:  We’re a CAD outsourcing company, so we’re predisposed to believing that outsourced labor enables most manufacturers to cut costs.  And while, in general, that is truly based upon measurable savings in overhead, employee costs, so-called back-office requirements and other factors that an outsource company like ours takes on for our clients, the fact is that without premium software and knowledgeable employees, outsource companies like ours could end up costing more than doing it yourself.  So, how can you decide for yourself?

Find Out How the Outsource Firm Meets Your Typical Challenges

Mold developers do not have the option of cutting corners in the design process in order to reduce prices and shorten lead times. Therefore, you must ensure that your mold produces parts that meet your customers’ exacting geometrical and mechanical specifications. Oftentimes, you must also incur the cost of any necessary changes if the mold does not work right the first time.

CAD CAM Services, Inc. sets the standards for outsourced mold production.  By employing SolidWorks unique set of powerful, mold-specific design automation and verification tools, coupled with our own exacting internal QC processes and proprietary 3D toolsets, our technicians are uniquely positioned to help U.S. based mold makers overcome the mold-making challenges that are part of today’s Global economy.

In most instances, we’re able to develop molds more quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively than any other outsource service.

How We Work

Most of the 3D CAD mold work that we do consists of working with either a 3D solid model or a series of 2D drawings that define the geometry of the injection-molded part. The first thing we do is to assess the part geometry.  Because of the software tools we use and the wide-ranging expertise of our technicians, we’re able to work with more different types of CAD files than most other outsourcing companies.  Others may say they have the capability, but we actually have the capability, as a result of our years of experience in this field.  Whether we receive neutral file formats, such as DXf™, Dwg, IgeS, STeP, ACIS®, and Parasolid®, or formats that are native to other systems, such as Inventor®, Mechanical Desktop®, Unigraphics®, CADkey®,  AutoCAD®, or Solidworks, we know what needs to be done.

Because data errors can occur when importing geometry from one another design system to another, we employ a comprehensive set of tools that fix imported files and clean up the geometry.   Then, we knit together entities from a neutral file into the solid where we begin to use other diagnostic tools to ensure the client specs are met or exceeded.

Why It’s Better Than Do-It-Yourself

Our way isn’t the only way…it’s simply the best way.    While most tech-savvy mold makers could ultimately figure out what they need to do, develop the software and other tools for doing it, and end up with a quality product, what we offer is a right here, right now approach, with the immediacy and money-saving quality that you need.

We invite any U.S-based mold maker who reads this blog post to have a heart-to-heart with one of our tech engineers to explore the possibilities of outsourcing. Leave your comments below, or contact us directly.

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