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Intelligent P&IDs for piping systems are 2D Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams generated using symbols for equipment, instruments, components, etc. and lines representing pipelines, instrumentation signal lines, etc. as well as general elements, customized as per each client’s requirements. The information stored with each Intelligent P&ID consists of minimum required attributes for design, analysis, procurement, maintenance, etc. The inputs for such intelligence would be from process flow sheets, instrumentation schematics, equipment data sheets, valve and instrumentation specification sheets, piping material specifications, etc. and can also be in the form of drawings and documents.

The P&ID database so generated from Intelligent P&IDs for the entire plant/project, when linked to the Central Database of INFOplant, the integrated Plant Information Management System from SST Systems, Inc., leads to numerous advantages over conventional non-intelligent P&IDs, as listed below.

Benefits for new “green-field” plants:

As the project progresses, Intelligent P&ID:

  • Captures organizes and updates data related to design, procurement, construction, etc.
  • Provides single data entry with outputs such as Line List, Valve List, Equipment List, etc.
  • Associates engineering data, drawings, and documents to graphics.
  • Checks the integrity of the processes captured in that Intelligent P&ID and the corresponding intelligent 3D Plant model at all times and helps in resolving discrepancies between them.
  • Alerts layout designers about process changes.
  • Generates standard AutoCAD files with built-in intelligence. Highlights graphically in Intelligent P&ID the equipment, valves, instruments, and specialties that are placed in the 3D Plant model.
  • Generates reports on items placed in the intelligent 3D Plant model in line with Intelligent P&IDs.
  • We build efficient P&IDs as per the standards be it NFPA, TEMA, ASME, and HACCP for safety and durability.
  • Our deliverables include comprehensive 2D Drafts and 3D CAD models with PMI annotations for manufacturing information of the processing equipment.

Benefits for operating “brown-field” plants:

  • From Intelligent P&ID databases, plant operating and maintenance (O&M) personnel could at any time rapidly retrieve attributes of equipment, nozzles, pipelines, valves, etc.
  • The plant O&M personnel could use Intelligent P&IDs to arrive at alternate processes in case of failure of any equipment (such as a pump), leakage of a valve, etc.
  • Intelligent P&ID databases can be extended to include customized inspection/maintenance management functions or can be linked directly to the client’s in-house database systems.
  • The Intelligent P&IDs will also help in any future retrofit/expansion project.


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