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How CAD / CAM Services Performs CATIA Draft Analysis

You may have heard of draft analysis in CATIA and want to know what it means. Here, we will not only explain what draft analysis in CATIA refers to, but we will also inform you about how CAD / CAM Services can help you to make the most out of CATIA draft analysis.

Make the Most Out of CATIA Draft Analysis with CAD / CAM Services

Today, CATIA is being utilized for product and engineering design purposes in a variety of industrial sectors. Compared to other CAD and CAM drawing/drafting software, CATIA provides more tools that are needed to create the required designs or models.

This is the reason it is preferred by companies over other similar software available in the market. It is also preferred by CAD / CAM Services, not just for design/drafting, but also for performing the draft analysis. What is CATIA draft analysis and how do CAD / CAM Services perform it? Let’s find out.

What is CATIA Draft Analysis?

The draft analysis in CATIA refers to a tool that allows users to determine if they can remove the part they are designing from the tool being used to design it. For example, CATIA drafting makes it easy and fast to make molded plastic objects, such as water bottles. However, it is crucial that you analyze the draft angles and rectify any mistakes before making mold tools to allow the bottles to be successfully removed from them.

In the case of plastic injection molded parts, draft analysis in CATIA allows the designer to verify if there is an adequate draft on the part to ensure that it can be appropriately analyzed. When draft analysis in CATIA is performed, green, red, and blue surfaces show up. Green surfaces signify correct angles, red surfaces indicate that the angles are too close to the draft angle while blue is an indication of unacceptable angles.

How CAD / CAM Services Perform Draft Analysis in CATIA

CAD / CAM Services use various methods to perform draft analysis in CATIA including the axis direction method. In this method, they place the main axis on the draft direction line with Z being parallel to it. This is followed by the selection of the part body. At times, CAD / CAM Services reposition the axis again at this stage. The results show up next in three color variants. As specified above, the color variants indicate the different draft angles.

We are experts in CATIA design services including performing appropriate CATIA draft analysis. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.

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