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How 3D CAD Conversion Services Help Manufacturers with Workflow

No matter what the industry, it’s clearly understood that better workflows mean higher efficiency, and in manufacturing, efficiency is vital if you want to stay competitive.  Because many manufacturing business owners get caught up in the everyday running of their business, they may not pay sufficient attention to workflow improvement.  Inefficient workflow can result in increased costs and affect the overall profitability.

Some manufacturers have begun to realize that outsourcing 3D CAD conversion services can improve their workflow and their profitability.  Because 3D CAD offers users the ability to look at a part from every possible angle and to see exactly how one part relates to the other parts in an assembly, it has already begun to improve workflow by eliminating much of the trial and error that can be part of the traditional manufacturing process.

When you combine that workflow improvement with fast communication via the Internet, it becomes possible to save significant time and to improve final quality.

One Scenario

A customer sends the manufacturing company a 3D file of the part they need tooled, with a request for a quote. By using a 3D CAD conversion service, the manufacturing firm can make use of external engineers and machinists who can immediately look at the part to determine if there will be any problems machining it or special considerations that should be taken into account.  They are also capable of editing, converting and modeling the file right then and there, improving the workflow and efficiency of the process.

A reliable 3D CAD Conversion Service can contact the customer via email or set up an online conference with the customer to correct problems in real-time.  This enables the manufacturing firm to stay focused on their core business – manufacturing – while the customer and the conversion service solve the potential problems.  In fact, this type of workflow can save days, and perhaps weeks, in the manufacturing process.

Another Scenario

Consider a more traditional process in which the shop receives a 2D print that the machinist has to manually convert into G-code. Time can be saved and errors eliminated if, instead of a print, the shop receives a 3D file in a format that is compatible with its CAM software package.

By entering into an ongoing relationship with a conversion service, the manufacturing company can eliminate the need to even see the 2D print.  The manufacturing company can include a link on their website that goes directly to a pre-approved 3D Cad Conversion Service.  All of the workflow steps from receipt of the 2D print to the manufacturing-ready 3D file are taken care of externally, and the machinist receives a file that he can work with directly.  The customer is happy.  The machinist is productive.

The machinist’s time to set up is reduced from hours to minutes, and the chances of a programming mistake being made by the machinist are reduced to zero.

Mass Production

Mass production involves the production of large quantities of a product through a standardized process, on a production line or assembly line. There are many different manufacturers and products that use this type of manufacturing, to create the better workflow. A CAD conversion service can help with mass production by:

    Creating a better workflow through outsourcing.  Because it is crucial that each part, of each machine, do the maximum amount of work possible, it is also critical that the 3D models being used are 100% accurate and correct so as not to slow the process down.Creating better workflow must happen on a daily basis. Because there are always small changes that need to be made to models, keeping the model checking and conversion process separate from the manufacturing process can improve efficiency

There is no ideal sustainable workflow, that once found, will satisfy the needs of your business forever. This is because the needs of customers change, and therefore the process of manufacturing and 3D modeling must change as well.

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