Since they are often deep within the model, identifying the key parameters driving system can be difficult when modeling engineering systems. Modeling can help since it shows exactly how parameters affect system behavior. An example is wing design in CATIA V5. Here’s why using CAD / CAM services for it can help.

The Benefits of Using CAD / CAM Services for Wing Design in CATIA V5

Often, identifying the key parameters driving system can be difficult when modeling engineering systems. This is the reason many aerospace companies use modeling to describe the systems and processes that they work with. For example, wing design in CATIA V5 allows aerospace companies to review the loads and bending moments on the wing of a passenger aircraft. This, in turn, allows these companies to determine whether the wing design meets the strength requirements.

Our CATIA V5 Capabilities

The professionals at CAD / CAM Services are experts when it comes to designing aircraft wings using CATIA V5. CAD / CAM services employ various methods, techniques, and modules to design the wing in CATIA. The most important part of the aircraft, the wing produces the lift due to the pressure difference generated on the upper and the lower surface. The wing comprises various structural components including Spars, Ribs, and Skin which are necessary for the strength of the wing.

The main function of these structural components is to distribute the payload and the forces which act on the aircraft wing such as shear forces, tensile forces, and direct forces. CAD / CAM Services can perform modeling of the wing in CATIA V5 to ensure this. CAD / CAM services can make wing design in CATIA an extremely simple procedure.

When designing aircraft wing in CATIA V5, CAD / CAM Services build the simulation of the composite manufacturing process of this wing in CATIA. Additionally, they calculate the simulation and optimization of the wing using analysis software to determine whether the Aluminum surface on an aircraft wing should be replaced by the Composite material.

CAD / CAM Services can easily import points for a particular airfoil and then draw spline using the points. CAD / CAM services will follow an approach for wing design in CATIA V5 as per your requirement. The wing modeling by CAD / CAM Services will provide you with a clear view of how different aircraft parameters and operating conditions affect loads and bending moments on the aircraft wing. This will allow you to verify that the wing can withstand worst-case loading conditions that it could encounter during the climb phase of flight.

We are experts in CATIA design services including wing design in CATIA V5. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us.  Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote. Or, learn more about CATIA drafting.


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