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Get the Most with Outsourced Mechanical CAD Drafting Solutions

Sometimes you might need help with your mechanical CAD drafting, and you might not even realize it. So many companies overextend their engineers, and the final product suffers. Today, companies trust outsourced options like CAD/CAM Services to get top-notch CAD drawings.

In this guide, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of your engineering team by working with an outsourced mechanical CAD drafting company. You’ll learn what outsourced mechanical CAD is, why it’s great, and how it can help your business.

What Is Mechanical CAD Drafting?

Mechanical CAD drafting is when you use a computer-aided drafting program to put together mechanical parts like brackets, equipment, or even floor plans. The term encompasses a lot of different products and designs.

Simply put, if you need to build a part, you need to start with mechanical CAD drafting.

architects drafting blueprints at computers

All About Outsourcing

When you outsource a project, you bring in a third party to handle the CAD work for you. If you were designing a new vehicle, you can bring in a company to handle some or all of the design work while you handle the big-picture decisions.

Typically, outsourced work is paid on a per-project basis. You would get a quote that prices the work required to finish your mechanical CAD drafting project.

You would specify what files you’d like, any formatting specifics, the timeline, and expectations along the way. From there, our CAD team would handle all of your mechanical work.

What type of work can you outsource? There’s no real limit. With NDA’s in place, you can have the outsource team handle company secret designs or they can just work on very simple parts that go into your assembly. It’s up to you how much or how little you want to outsource.

Why Outsourcing Your Mechanical CAD Drafting Is the Best Option

Our whole business model at CAD/CAM Services revolves around providing outsourced mechanical CAD work for clients across the country. So, why should you outsource your upcoming mechanical CAD drafting project?

It Saves You Time

The bottom line is that outsourcing saves you time. Instead of pouring hours into putting together CAD work, the outsourced team does it all for you. With a high-quality team, you’ll get faster results than you can expect in-house.

At CAD/CAM Services, we deliver quick results because our team is highly trained and experienced, we have a 24/7 engineering staff, and we have over 100 engineers to assign to different projects.

In other words, we can have a dozen highly experienced engineers quickly finish your project, which is a luxury that you might not have in your in-house engineering team.

Architects drafting and reviewing blueprints in office

Save Money on Every Drawing

A downside of using salaried in-house engineers is that they’re usually more expensive than contracted help. With our outsourced team, you only pay for the hours we spend doing active engineering work. You’re not paying for vacation time or breaks, only active working hours.

Combine that with the fact that our team is highly optimized and works quickly, and you’ll experience a lot of money saved on every drawing that we do for you.

Free Up Your Engineering Efforts

While we handle the drafting work for your project, your engineers can do whatever they want. Many clients will have their in-house team focus on research and development (R&D) or other time-critical tasks while we handle the drafting work.

You Don’t Need In-House Engineers

We recently did a full 3D model of a company’s warehouse with all of their equipment and process lines mapped in full scale. The company in question didn’t have any engineers on their team, and that’s a business structure that we’re seeing more often.

If your company doesn’t often handle equipment, building, or part construction, you might not have any engineers on your team. Whenever you need one-off parts or projects done, you can outsource it.

This gives you a lot of flexibility to handle more projects and optimize your company. The outsourced engineers will act as your on-demand engineering team.

Focus on Innovation Instead of Drafting

There are only so many hours in the day, and it pains a lot of people to waste most of those hours drafting. To free up your time, you can leave the drafting to our outsourced CAD team at CAD/CAM Services.

While we make 2D manufacturing drawings, you can continue innovating and making new product ideas.

Alternatively, you can focus on parts of your business that generate more revenue while our team handles the minutia of putting together CAD drafting drawings.

Leverage Industry Experts

When an expert does a task, the result is almost always better. Even if your engineering staff is experienced, you can always benefit from an industry expert putting together mechanical CAD drafting solutions for you.

For instance, you could have a structural expert, a loading expert, and a concrete expert in your corner during your next building design.

No, you don’t have to shop for three individual industry experts or even hire them full-time, instead you can trust a team like CAD/CAM Services. Since our staff is so massive, we have a number of expert-level designers on-staff that can be assigned to your project.


You just learned how to get the most out of your outsourced mechanical CAD drafting help. At CAD/CAM Services, our goal is to over-deliver on every project. We have a team of over 100 engineers that work around the clock to deliver exceptional, CAD Perfect drawings. Get a free quote today.

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