CAD Drafting Trends in Engineering

When CAD Drafting is used for Engineering projects, it is often referred to as CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering). CAE software includes typical CAD drafting tools, but may also encompass computer-aided analysis (CAA), computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), material requirements planning (MRP), and computer-aided planning (CAP). Many people use the terms, CAD, CAE and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) more or less interchangeably, but they really do each refer to very specific functions of CAD drafting and design.

CAD Drafting Trends in Engineering

CAD Drafting software that has been developed to support CAE functions contains tools that are used to analyze the robustness and performance of components and assemblies and may include simulation, validation, and optimization of products and manufacturing tools.   CAE systems provide information that helps support design teams in decision making.

CAD Drafting Challenges in Engineering

The engineering sector, in nearly every industry, is inundated with complex, large-scale projects which demand high precision and design analysis even before the project development starts in the real world (Engineering Industry). Growing customer demand for new and better products that need to be brought to market quickly in a highly competitive global market provides challenges never before seen.  These challenges, coupled with the growing intricacy of engineering projects means that today’s engineers face the need to design, test and prepare for manufacture while managing huge amounts of data and with limited time.

CAD drafting is an important tool that enables engineers to virtually see the product, analyze it and make corrections if required.  CAE software allows engineers and others to have a full idea of the product and its physical characteristics long before production starts.

The Future of CAD Drafting in Engineering

CAD drafting services that are offered by CAD companies to help overcome all these challenges and enable engineers to deliver projects which are stronger, better and more efficient (Engineering Industry). These outsource CAD companies are able to offer high-quality CAD drafting services so that engineers can concentrate on the design and development of the new products. This synergy between “in-house” design and outsourced drafting is a trend that is likely to bring better products to market faster.

Within the engineering industry, outsourced CAD drafting services are seeing remarkable growth and are being used for drawing, modeling and drafting for many different types of engineering projects. Outsourced CAD drafting services may be used for technical drawings, automobile drawings, aerospace drawings, and assembly drawings.

This trend toward outsourced CAD drafting is being driven by growing customer demand for faster time to market, while efficient CAE software enables outsourced workers to provide reliable designs and quality work. Outsourced CAD drafters rely on multiple tools and technologies that are capable of matching any engineer’s requirements precisely.

What Outsource CAD Drafters Do

There are many facets of engineering design that may be eligible for outsourcing, depending upon the industry and the capabilities of the outsourcing firm.  Following is a list of potential outsource activities:

  • ·         Three Dimensional Modeling
  • ·         Modifying  CAD Drawings
  • ·         Reproduce CAD Drawings
  • ·         Simulation of Mechanisms.
  • ·         Database Creation
  • ·         Scan Paper Drawings
  • ·         Raster to Vector Conversion

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