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3D modeling piping rendering

3D Model Piping Rendering

The need for engineers, architects, and creators to have a clear view into the working process of an idea, was the driving force behind 3D technology.

And today, we can handle your 3D CAD conversion projects from the ground up, using your requests.

Do you need a quick a 2Dto 3D conversion completed, or 3D scanning, modeling, and simulation services? At CAD / CAM services, we provide professional 3D CAD conversions for many industries.

What is 3D CAD Conversion?

3D CAD Conversion is the process of converting a 2D drawing into a 3D model. CAD Data Conversion is a medium of exchange for establishing a line of communication among multiple CAD applications and systems.

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3D CAD Conversion Has Come a Long Way!

Old Time Construction Workers looking at Old Blueprints

Old Time Construction Workers looking at Old Blueprints

3D CAD conversion has come a long way due to the creative needs of businesses like yours.

In the old days, the automotive, architecture, aerospace and other manufacturing-based industries relied on 2D drawings to draft out production plans.

And although these 2D drawings were great for schematics, dimensioning, and used as instructions, they were limited in certain technical ways.

These technical limitations included being unable to simulate ideas, conduct actual stress analysis and test the abilities of prototypes before going into production.


People Helping With Our Process

People Helping With Our Process

The advent of CAD and 3D modeling saved the day and today,
you can start your creative process in 3D or convert any idea to 3D for a more balanced view.

That’s why CAD / CAM Services offers you its customized 3D CAD conversion services to meet your business’s requirements.

Here are some examples of how we can help;


Automotive 3D Modeling and Design

3D Modeling, 3D Rendering Futuristic Sports Car Automotive Design

3D Rendering of Futuristic Sports Car Design

Is your business involved with developing parts, tools or car manufacturing?

3D Wire Mesh Front End of a Car

3D Wire Mesh Front End of a Car

If yes, then we know your 3D conversion needs are varied and we can help you meet them.

We can take the files and media formats you currently work with and convert them to 3D models and simulations using SolidWorks, Creo, Unigraphics NX and any CAD application you favor.



2D to 3D Rendering of a Car

2D to 3D Rendering of a Car

If you need a physical tool or an entire car converted to 3D, we are also here to assist you to meet your needs.

We make use of high-end scanners such our Tom CAT CT scanner to ensure that we accurately collect the needed data for the 3D CAD conversion process.

On a recent a project for Volkswagon,  we had to reverse engineer several body frames and help them determine and locate incorrect tolerances and production problems. 

We completed the project on time and on budget and they have renewed their contract with us for another 100 parts.

We can help with your automotive quality control and automotive design.

Autonomous Electric Car Charging

Autonomous Electric Car Charging

One of our success stories, is the design of 3D models for a very well known autonomous car project.

Here, we ensured that the hundreds of parts in the car’s system where developed according to the geometric tolerances needed to ensure every part fit into the entire system.

So, if you have a similar complex project and you need your geometric tolerances to be perfect, we should be your first point of call.


Aerospace 3D Modeling and Design

Airplane Nose First View

Airplane Nose First View

We also offer our 3D CAD conversion professional services to businesses in the aerospace industry.

And for the last 25 years, we have helped Boeing, GE Aviation, Airbus France and Bell Helicopters with their 3D CAD conversion requirements.

Our years in the industry has made us specialists with using CAD tools and 2D as well as 3D scanners to convert hard copies of physical models to 3D.

GE Jet Engine


During our years of service, we have gathered some success stories we would like you to know as they could be relevant to your specific needs.

Our experienced engineers successfully helped GE Aviation design jet engines using the illustrations and point clouds they provided.

Here, we broke the boundaries of 3D modeling using Unigraphics NX to ensure that the accuracy needed for such a sensitive project was met.


Live Airplane Wing

Live Airplane Wing

We also undertook the redesign of a new wing for the Boeing 747-8 and 747-9 projects.

Here, our expertise with Mylar to 3D CAD conversion played an important role in the design process.

Our team of engineers, worked on converting 30-year old Mylar sheets from their 20 foot films to CAD using CATIA.

We successfully scanned and calibrated 70,000 Mylar copies into 2D and 3D CAD models while adhering to an 0.005” specification to ensure the project was a success.

3D CAD Conversions for Aerospace

We Specialize in 3D CAD Conversions for the CAD Industry


We would like to bring this level of detail and professionalism to your projects.

You can contact us today, to start the 3D CAD conversion process for your aerospace manufacturing needs.

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Shipbuilding 3D Modeling and Design

3D Modeling used in Ship Repair

3D Modeling used in Ship Repair

The age of the shipbuilding industry means there are many 3D CAD conversion projects your business is currently sitting on with no idea on how to proceed. CAD / CAM services can help you with the 3D CAD conversions for older 2D files, hard copies or completely scan an already built ship and produce as-built 3D models for your needs.

3D CAD Conversion Used in Shipbuilding

We have provided our 3D CAD conversion services for Bollinger Shipyards and Litton-Ingalls.

One of our success stories which might interest you was our conversion of over 1,000 aperture CAD files into CAD.

We can also put to use our Artec handheld scanners for the 3D CAD conversion of smaller tools, parts, and components for your business. And if required, we can bring in the big guns, namely our Tom CAT CT scanner to collect the data needed to convert larger objects to 3D models.


Industrial Engineering 3D Modeling and Design

Industrial Engineers Checking Drawings

Industrial Engineers Checking Drawings

Industrial engineering related manufacturing process can also take advantage of the experience our design experts bring to the table. We can take a simple concept drawn on a napkin and execute the 3D CAD conversion process from there. This is due to our iterative approach to CAD conversion. With your illustrations, we are

Industrial Engineer Checking 2D and 3D Model

We are prepared to execute the 3D CAD conversion process until we get it right!

Our 3D CAD conversion process also involves a complete structural and sustainability analysis to ensure the final 3D model is done right.

This includes creating simulations for your prototype so you can see the way it functions under applied stress.

Here, we make use of SolidWorks, Unigraphics NX, Revit, Inventor, and Creo to handle the CAD conversion process.

Get Accurate 3D CAD Conversions in 3-Simple Steps

Are you interested in getting started as quickly as possible?  Simply initiate the CAD conversion process by informing us about your exact needs and our experienced professionals will swing into action.

We’ll Help You Assess Your Requirements

  • Assessing your Requirements: The initial conversations we will have with you will focus on your expectations with the 3D CAD conversion project and how we can meet them. Therefore, we will be asking questions about the tolerance levels you want, dimensions and uses to determine the scope of your work.
  • Executing the 3D CAD Conversion: The moment we have your files, objects, and details, the second stage begins. Here, our experienced technicians will proceed with using the right tools for your project. This could be scanning with the 3D scanner, using GeoMagic for clean-up and creating the required mesh. We also ensure a thorough statistical analysis, tolerance analysis, stress analysis, and fluid flow pattern analysis are carried out before proceeding.

In this phase, we will also integrate industrial standards, compare the mesh with given specifications and make the necessary adjustments where applicable.

  • The Delivery Stage: The final step in the CAD conversion process is ensuring that every parametric data in your original file have been accurately translated into the 3D CAD converted file we generate.

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Business Success and Vision

Business Success and Vision

How You Gain

The benefits you stand to gain from the 3D CAD conversion services we offer are many. These benefits range from low costing, the

use of high-end CAD conversion equipment to easy integration into your CAM platform or software applications.


Our Service Provides High Accuracy

Our Service Provides High Accuracy

Accurate Conversions

CAD / CAM Services 3D conversion is done with precision in mind. We understand the technical reasons you intend to use the converted 3D file for. This is why we ensure that the converted file is provisioned with all the data, points and geometry needed for a successful project.

The accuracy we bring to 3D CAD conversion means that you will NOT have to do any additional edits, spend hours cleaning up or restructuring once we deliver the converted file to you.


Solutions to CAD translation problems, migration issues. CATIA v4, v5 to Solidworks and Solidworks to CATIA.

Our experts will “Trouble Shoot” your Translation needs!

Easy Imports & Integration

Is your 3D CAD file made up of assembly designs that need to be imported to a new CAM or BIM platform?

If your answer is yes, then do not panic for we will save the file in formats that are supported by your CAM supplication.

We can also upload your converted 3D CAD files to your cloud storage accounts to ensure they are available to your research and development staff and production personnel.


Time is Money Blue Sand Hour Glass

Time is Money!

Saves Time

The CCS team have garnered over 30-years of 3D CAD conversion experience from working with every file format under the sun. This is why your conversion needs are in great hands. We can help you quickly convert all your old files to meet the updated industry standards prevalent in your industry.

If your CAD conversion needs are too extensive and bulky for your in-house team to handle, contacting us will ensure that your extensive project is completed in record time.

Efficient & Discreet

You already have the 3D CAD files that need conversion while we have the state-of-the-art tools to execute the process in record time. So, let us help you save cost by putting our professionalism, experience and technological advantage to work for your business.

Your Files are Safe with Us. Give Us a Call!

Your Files are in Discrete Hands

At CCS, we understand that the CAD files you may need to convert are important to your business processes and how it operates.

Therefore, we integrate client to service provider confidentiality when working for you. This is why we put Non-Disclosure Agreements in place when handling your sensitive 3D data.

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We have converted more than 1,000,000 DWG files for reputable organizations such as Amazon and GE Avionics. And the trust these Fortune 500 companies have placed in our 3D CAD conversion services shows that you are in good hands.

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Does your Utility Company need to drawings scanned into CAD?

Do you have a 3D Modeling Project that you need done ASAP?

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Jerry McNabb – R Civ USAF – Tinkers Air Force Base   “You have been absolutely the BEST Company to work with in my entire career. I almost hate to see us finish our Mylar’s!”

Contex 2D Large Format Engineering Scanners

HD Ultra X 6000

HD Ultra X 6000

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