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Shining 3D

EinScan Pro HD

The full catalog of EinScan products revolves around affordability and accuracy. The Pro HD handheld 3D scanner takes this one step further by also including incredible scanning speeds. You can get the same great results in a fraction of the time.

The EinScan Pro HD features a comfortable grip and a small overall size, making it a comfortable and portable scanner. You can operate it dynamically by hand, using a tripod, or using fixed mode. In any of the three cases, you’ll experience a scanning speed that you can’t find anywhere else.

Like other Shining 3D scanners, the EinScan Pro HD is one of the more affordable options while still offering great accuracy and usability. The scanner feels sturdy and our reverse engineering department has nothing but good things to say about this scanner.

Technical Specifications:


as low as 0.04mm

Volumetric Accuracy:

as low as 0.3 mm/m

Measurement resolution:


Measurement rate:

3,000,000 points/s

Part size range (recommended):

Built-in color camera?



Worldwide support

Innovative solution

Features and Benefits

Affordability Meets Versatility

The target market for any Shining 3D portable scanner is a company that wants high-quality scans without breaking the bank. The engineers who created EinScan struck a perfect balance between affordability and versatility. The Pro lineup of scanners gives you even faster scanning speeds, allowing you to save more time and money in your reverse engineering efforts.

Quicker Scanning for Faster Results

The EinScan Pro HD is great for anyone who needs fast and accurate results. It scans up to 3 million points per second, allowing any professional 3D scanning team to create models in no time. 

  • Scanning speed. 3,000,000 points per second
  • Handheld, turntable, or tripod setup. You can customize how you want to scan with this tool, which lets you pick the fastest setup for your team.

Highly Versatile 3D Scanner

Versatility is synonymous with the EinScan Pro HD. Your team can handle a huge range of different projects using the same scanner. If you only want to use one 3D scanner for everything, the Pro HD is a good choice.

  • Full-color scanning. An optional full-color camera will capture color data and transfer it with the point cloud data.
  • Tackle dark materials and metals. Other 3D scanners can’t work with metals or dark colors without losing a lot of accuracy. The EinScan Pro HD can handle these projects with no problems.

Great Accuracy

It’s uncommon to find a budget 3D scanner that offers such great accuracy. The team at Shining 3D did a great job of creating their line of EinScan portable scanners since they’re all affordable and offer incredible accuracy for their price point.

  • Accuracy. As low as 0.04mm, or 0.0016in.
  • Get the best results. Poor accuracy will waste your time and leave you with models that don’t mean anything. The EinScan Pro HD always delivers high-quality scans.