Professional 3D Scanning Services for any purpose

CAD / CAM Services provides accurate and expert 3D Scanning for CAD services and engineering. With over $6 million spent on 3D scanning equipment, our team has the ability to handle any accuracy and sizing requirements.

Whether it be Reverse Engineering, Development, Measurement, Mold Design, Assemblies, Testing, Buildings, entire Plants, and much more, there is little we have not scanned over the years. When you need a fast and accurate method of putting physical measurements of an object into your CAD system, reach out to us for 3d scan to CAD services.

We use a wide variety of scanning systems because each scanner has its unique fit. Accuracy, size, material type, finding voids are all considerations when we begin a scanning project.

Point cloud acquired after 3D scanning

Point cloud acquired after 3D scanning

What is 3D Scanning and How Does It Work?

Any 3D scanner produces thousands if not millions of 3D points. This is called a Point Cloud. So far this is not good for anything. Generally, all 3D scan data needs to be cleaned up and assembled.

This is a hidden cost in any 3D scanning project. Once cleaned up and assembled the first step is to turn scan data into a mesh.

Therefore, the 3D scanned data can be represented by a 1:1 scale digital model or a 3D graphics rendering. This scanned data provides all of the physical dimensions of the object, such as length, width, height, volume, feature size, feature location, and surface area. 

With the laser scanners we use, our minimum scanning accuracy is  ±.005”.  Using our CT or metallurgy scanners, we can get to  ±.001” with tremendous repeatability. 

3D mesh image acts as a bridge between the actual physical object and manufacturing. With 3D Scans to CAD, the data from the 3D scan can be converted into accurate CAD / CAM data used by CNC machines and 3D printing systems. This data can also be used to run different kinds of simulations.

With the additional conversion to one of the popular 2D or 3D CAD models, it is possible to modify an object or split it into parts for production simplification or fabrication process change. This is also a wise decision while organizing archives, as digital 3D models do not require any special conditions or spacious rooms.

All the point cloud further post-processing depends on the purpose of the scan. If you are planning to outsource the development process it is really important to order 3D scanning from the team which will perform all further work. 

We perform indoor and outdoor high-resolution scanning during the day and at nighttime. Smaller objects are normally sent to our scan facilities, Or if you have very large objects or buildings, contact us and we will arrange our specialists to be on-site.

A mesh created from the corresponding point cloud

A mesh created from the corresponding point cloud

Post-Processing for 3D Scanning

While ordering 3D scanning services bear in mind, that most of the work is done not only while scanning but while post-processing the scanned data.

The rule of thumb is 1-2. So if we spend two hours scanning, we will spend four hours cleaning up and assembling that scan. This may affect time requirements correspondingly.

We Can Help You With 3D Scanning

We can save you time. Contact us and we will give you advice on how to achieve what you want as soon as possible.


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Do you have Mylars or Blueprints that you need scanned into CAD?

Do you need something 3D Scanned, possibly for Reverse Engineering?

Is your Engineering Department pulling out their hair searching for lost drawings and site plans?

Does your Utility Company need to drawings scanned into CAD?

Do you have a 3D Modeling Project that you need done ASAP?

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Greta Nintzel — Content & Digital Media Associate, Rich Media Team (amazon supply): “You ROCK and a huge thank you to you and your team for working so diligently to hit our goals.”

Pete Iannuzzi — Sony Music: “We used CAD / CAM Services for CAD Conversion work and it was great! We have already decided to use them for our next project. They did everything they said they were going to do and more. The work turned out well.”

Jerry McNabb – R Civ USAF – Tinkers Air Force Base   “You have been absolutely the BEST Company to work with in my entire career. I almost hate to see us finish our Mylar’s!”

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HD Ultra X 6000

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3D Scanning FAQs

How much does scanning services cost?

It depends on the complexity of the scanned model and material properties. As, for example, it may be much more complicated to properly scan an object with a reflective surface, than a non-reflective surface. It also depends on three main factors:

  1. the physical size of your part
  2. the required scanning resolution
  3. if industrial CT or metallurgy scanning is needed

Simple quick cell phone photos are worth a thousand words to us. To know for sure you can request a quote. It is of course, free – and treated as if an NDA is already in place.

Some averages:

  • The typical 3D scan is somewhere around $200-400 per part.
  • Tomographic (CT) scanning is $600-900 per part.

Because so much of our business is Aerospace related, our scanning – and the completed CAD file HAS to be within ±.005” anywhere on that part, we never use consumer-grade scanners. The scanners we use start at $25,000 and go up to $700,000 (CT) per scanner.

At any given time, we have in excess of $ 5 million just in scanning hardware we use. In addition, a hidden factor of scanning on any system is the assembly and clean up of any scan. The rule of thumb is a 2-1 ratio. So even with our experienced scanning staff, if we spend one-hour scanning; we will then spend an additional two hours of clean up and assembly before our CAD group gets the Point Cloud file to simulate or reverse engineer.

What is the Point Cloud/Mesh/3D Scan?

A point cloud is thousands if not millions of data points located in space by X, Y, Z coordinates. Images of this nature are often captured with Faro Focus or Artec scanners that specialize in large-area scanning.  Most likely you obtain building and territory plans in this file format.

A polygon mesh is a set of triangles located in the same manner. These scans are obtained with Artec, Creaform, Enscan and other handheld scanners. Parts and reverse engineering device scans are usually polygon meshes.

What types of scanners do you use?
  • Faro Arm – Very good for most parts, fast and accurate
  • Turntable scanners – high accuracy, high detail, fast scanning. Great for smaller parts.
  • Portable handheld – may be favorable for some larger parts – if not a tripod-mounted scanner.
  • Long Range – these mount on a tripod, and are intended to scan buildings, plants, and other larger sized projects.
  • Industrial CT scanners – incredibly expensive, but they offer two main benefits – the ability to inside an object (think of a void in a solid object), and their accuracy.  At this level, we are often in the ±.001” – ±.002” range, and often used in metrology scanning.
How accurate is 3D scanning?

The scanners we use are as accurate as the industry offers – from anybody at any cost. We use Faro and Artec 3D scanners, in addition to Faro CMM type arms, including the Surveyor tables. Depending on what scanner we use:

  • CT scanners – 4 to 400µm/voxel resolution
  • Artec Portable scanners high accuracy (0.03 – 0.05mm)
  • Artec Portable scanners high resolution (up to 0.15mm)
  • Our CyberGage 360 – generates highly precise full 360 degrees automated scan with accuracy NIST traceable to approximately 7 microns
  • The CyberGage 360 has a system repeatability of ±.005mm.
Do you support CT scanning?

Yes with both the DeskTom and EasyTom CT scanners.  They both support metrology grade Computed Tomography (CT) inspection.  This provides nondestructive, 3D Scanning of Internal and External Geometries.  We use the Volume Graphics VGStudio Max high-end industrial CT software for the demanding of CT applications.

Can your scanners find voids in materials?

Yes. This is one of CT scanners’ major points – to see into objects. This is the best solution for nondestructive quality control.

How good are your 3D CT scanners?
  • 4 to 400µm/voxel resolution
  • Full inspection of large size samples
  • Modular and micro-resolution capability
  • 6 motion axis

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