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Professional Electrical CAD Services

Outsourcing your electrical CAD project is a great way to save time and money while optimizing the space your electronics take up. Our team has handled countless electrical designs over our decades in business, and we have the confidence and accreditations that you need for the best results.

A lot of companies overlook the importance of their electrical CAD work. Without this step, you can run into reliability issues with any sensor, gauge, motor, or electrical component that your machine uses. To put it simply, our professional electrical CAD services are here to ensure your car’s electrical components are all routed to the battery in the most optimized path while reducing wear on every wire.

Our team can help in any industry or application, not just automotive. Massive aerospace, medical, and consumer electronics companies have utilized CAD/CAM Services to get the most out of their designs over the past decades. We’re here to help you with any electrical project you might have — even if it’s as simple as designing a wiring harness or wiring diagram for a motor in your machine.


What Is Electrical CAD? 

Electrical CAD is a general term that refers to designing, drawing, and conceptualizing parts that involve electronics or electricity in general. Some specific examples are printed circuit board (PCB) design, wiring or harness design, and electrical integration within an electro-mechanical assembly.

If you have a motor in your material blender, then you need some level of electrical CAD help to make sure the wires are run correctly, there’s enough space, and you get the right length and gauge wire harness from your manufacturer. 

In addition, electrical CAD can also involve creating wiring schematics for your part, assembly, or full machine. These schematics can be used during installation or any troubleshooting in the future. In certain industries, a professional wiring schematic is required before the part can be made or sold.

Why Electrical CAD Matters

Electrical CAD is the best way to optimize your PCB, wiring, and component placement on any electromechanical assembly. Since electrical CAD is such a vast subject, the specific benefits depend on your unique application.

Looking at PCBs broadly, a well-made PCB design can maximize your board’s performance and reliability, while minimizing the cost of manufacturing each unit. With an expert’s help, you can unlock a better product.

With wiring diagrams, our professional electrical CAD services can help every electrician who works on your machine in the future. Our labeling convention, attention to detail, and past experience are a great way to create drawings that give the most detail possible to the reader. 

Finally, what about wiring harness design? By routing each wire perfectly, you can eliminate the risk of parts wriggling loose and unplugging through continued use. This greatly boosts the reliability of your design. For parts that articulate or move, careful planning with your wiring harness can eliminate the risk of wires rubbing against other parts and shorting after enough use.

Electrical CAD is a quick way to make sure your parts, assemblies, and machines work as well as they should. It also helps with long-term planning and reliability with every electrical part.

Benefits of Electrical CAD from CAD/CAM Services

Choosing CAD/CAM Services for your next electrical project comes with a lot of massive benefits. Again, the specific benefits will depend on your application and industry, but here are some general benefits of electrical CAD services from CAD/CAM Services:

  • Electrical and mechanical help from one source. Our massive team of over 100 engineers and draftsmen includes a variety of electrical, mechanical, and electro-mechanical engineers. By choosing CAD/CAM Services for your electrical CAD needs, you can get more accomplished.
  • Better part reliability and service. In the long term, most designers focus on two major metrics: reliability and serviceability. If you outsource your electrical project through our experts at CAD/CAM Services, your designs will perform much better in both of these categories. We create designs that are built to last as long as possible without any issues.
  • Save time and money with each part. Not only do you save money and time during the design phase with our engineers, but you’ll also likely save time and money with each unit you fabricate in the future. Our team tends to optimize each part while designing for manufacturing (DfM), which makes each PCB, wiring harness, and electrical part even easier and less expensive to make.
  • Boost the productivity of each part. Another benefit of choosing CAD/CAM Services for our electrical CAD work is that our designers can help your parts perform better. This goes beyond long-term reliability and serviceability that we mentioned before — with our electrical CAD help, your parts can physically run better. A well-made PCB design can ensure you use less electricity while getting more performance. With our PCB experts, you’ll achieve better designs that lead to harder-working parts.

What Goes Into Electrical CAD from CAD/CAM Services?

Our electrical CAD workflow is surprisingly easy. With all of our collaborations, we like to start with a consultation — this is just a quick chat to understand what you’re looking for, the requirements for your project, and any goals you might have with your project. This conversation helps us put together an accurate quote, timeline, and manpower assessment to get you the best results.

From there, our team gets to work. Our trained staff will start creating your PCB design, wiring harness design, 3D machine layout, or electrical/wiring diagram. With over 100 engineers and draftsmen on our staff, you can get finished drawings back in as little as 24 hours.

All of our drawings go through independent peer reviews to check for quality, manufacturability, and adherence to project specifics. The result? Drawings and designs that you can trust. 

For our electronic design automation (EDA) and PCB design, we use the following software:

  • Mentor Graphics
  • Altium Designer
  • KiCad EDA
  • Proteus
  • and more

We send our final models and files through a secure and DoD-trusted filesharing site. You have full ownership over the design and any IP included. If you have any concerns with the designs, we can fix the mistakes within 24 hours for free.

Get a Quote Today

Our team at CAD/CAM Services takes a lot of pride in the work we deliver. Whether you need a single wiring diagram or a long list of PCBs designed, we can help. We’ve created too many electrical drawings to count over our decades in business, and we know this industry inside and out. Trust our team to get the most out of every electrical unit you manufacture, use, and sell. Give us a call or email today to get a free quote from CAD/CAM Services and start working towards an optimized electro-mechanical design. 

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General CAD Questions

I need my project done today or tomorrow. Can you process rush jobs?

Depending upon when you catch us, yes, we can handle rush jobs. We often work over the holidays, Thanksgiving and even Christmas holidays. If you have a deadline – call us.

For years we have run three shifts of about 30 drafting folks per shift – allowing us to deliver work 3x faster, and seven days a week. Yes, we work 24/7, so you do not have to. The fun never stops here.

For 3D scanning, this is a different question. Because of the common setup work required, at best expect a 48-72 hour turn to be scanned. CAD or simulation services are in addition to that.

Who is affected by the PPD-21 directive?

The Department of Homeland Security has identified 16 different infostructures:

  1. Chemical Sector,
  2. Commercial Facilities Sector,
  3. Communications Sector,
  4. Critical Manufacturing Sector,
  5. Dams Sector,
  6. Defense Industrial Base Sector,
  7. Emergency Services Sector,
  8. Energy Sector,
  9. Financial Services Sector,
  10. Food and Agriculture Sector,
  11. Government Facilities Sector,
  12. Healthcare and Public Health Sector,
  13. Information Technology Sector,
  14. Nuclear Reactors Materials and Waste Sector,
  15. Transportation Systems Sector,
  16. Water and Wastewater Systems Sector.

This is both Government and private sectors.

If you are in any of these industries, this directive is important to you for many reasons.  Do you know where your critical sections are? Are they well protected? Are there concerns for Hazmat, security clearance requirements, and other concerns?  Can you quickly rebuild what might be lost?

The important part of this means that critical infrastructure must be secure and able to withstand and rapidly recover from all hazards. Achieving this will require integration with the national preparedness system across prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

Further details can be found at:  Government PPD-21

DHS – The National Infrastructure Protection Plan details:  The National Infrastructure Protection Plan

Industry specific plans:  2015 Industry specific PPD-21 plans

CAD / CAM Services provides PPD-21 for the following industries:  DHS – CAD / CAM Services

What is the PPD-21 Protocall?

The Presidential Policy Directive 21 (PPD-21) is a Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience United States directive that aims to strengthen and secure the country’s critical infrastructure.The goal of this directive is to reduce vulnerabilities, identify and disrupt threats, minimize consequences and hasten response and recovery efforts related to critical infrastructure.

The directive defines resilience as the ability to prepare for and adapt to ever changing conditions, terrorists, and withstand and recover rapidly from disruptions. Resilience includes the ability to withstand and recover from deliberate attacks, accidents, or naturally occurring threats or incidents.

Do you support the PPD-21 Directive?

Yes we do, and have now for several years. In addition, we also support the industry specific plans as well.

Did you really own the trademark Cad Perfect™, Cad Perfect CAD Conversions™ and Cad / Cam Services™?

Yes, we did back in 2008. We started using Cad Perfect™ back in the early 1990s because all of our customers wanted only real Cad Perfect™ work. Back then the buzz words were terms like machine ready, or DXF Traceover and others.

The problem is, nobody wanted that. They all wanted drawings and models that they did not have to touch. Everybody wanted drawings just as if they hand redrew the work themselves.

Thus, Cad / Cam Services™ was the first company to start offering ONLY Cad Perfect™ work.

What is the estimated delivery time?

It depends on the scope of work:

  • 2D drawings – small quantity, normally 48 hours.  We have several customers where they contract to us, keeping 4-8 drafters busy full time.
  • 3D models – complexity dependent, but smaller jobs in 2-3 days. Some models we have spent months on.  Again, we have several customers where they contract to us, keeping 6-10 3D CAD designers busy full time.

Simple jobs have a lead time of 48 hours. Larger projects are delivered and invoiced weekly.

Will CAD / CAM Services Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)?

Yes. NDAs are a common part of our business. All data is yours – not ours, and treated as proprietary data and not for public consumption or use. Probably 70% of our work is under NDA agreements. We can generally get these signed within the day.

How do I send a sample, in order to get a quote?

Fill out our quote form, attach your files, or simply send us an email. Tell everything about your project, like the model purpose.

For smaller files < 15 MB you can simply email them to us.  For something larger, just drop them in any number of drop boxes like Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and others.  Or if you would like, just contact us for a private, hardened link.

It is fine to use most any time of compression such as  *.zip, *.rar, *.tar, *.7z, *.arc, *.LBR, and even *.iso images.

A direct email is [email protected]

We also use a hardened OwnCloud web file sharing platform for unlimited file transfers. We provide unique and very private Web Storage Portals, this also supports file syncing for extreme convenience for you. Because so much of our work is DOD or weapons design work, Security – and confidentiality is very important to us.