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2D CAD Services

Scan to CAD Preserves Old Drawings

Do you have legacy paper or mylar drawings that are taking up space, deteriorating with age, hard to locate, and that need to be preserved and accessed by your CAD software?  Outsourcing your CAD Conversion services may be the answer for you.  Companies like CAD CAM Services specialize in fast, accurate Paper-to-CAD services.  In fact, CAD CAM Services has been awarded the AS9100 certificate and our CAD conversion services are available on the GSA price list.    We are one of the few companies certified by the US Department of Defense for CAD conversion work.

One of the main advantages of CAD outsourcing is to get the job done by experienced professionals, who understand that you must meet those deadlines to maintain your customer’s trust and confidence. CAD / CAM Services has been awarded the AS9100 and GSA certificates and we are one of the few authorized CAD Conversion companies certified by the Department of Defence CAD Conversion work. We are proud to offer you .005″ accuracy for your CAD outsourcing projects.

If you do not want to sustain the costs of hiring a full-time draftsman and prefer to eliminate the cost of a full-time employee and to pay for the work only when you need it CAD / CAM outsourcing services are for you!

Our CAD PerfectTM conversions provide perfect CAD drawings with real lines, arcs, circles and text as text.  All converted files are delivered in your native CAD format, using your in-house layering scheme, or any scheme suitable that you designate.

Here’s what one customer had to say about our Scan-to-CAD Services:

“Prior to finding CAD / CAM Services and their CAD PerfectTM conversion services, it would require many hours for our draftsmen to digitize…With CAD / CAM, our costs are lower, the conversion is done much more quickly and the accuracy is amazing.  We’re very satisfied.”

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