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Shining 3D

EinScan HX

The best in portability, functionality, and power

The EinScan HX is the most powerful handheld 3D scanner that Shining 3D offers. It uses a hybrid blue laser and LED light to expedite every 3D scanning project without losing important data. The addition of the blue laser allows for scanning darker or more reflective surfaces.

This handheld scanner only requires two cables to be plugged in, then you can start scanning. The setup only takes a few minutes, then you can start scanning parts of various sizes, material compositions, and colors. The best part? This scanner has cameras built-in that capture the color of every object you scan. These colors automatically import with the scanned file, giving you a 3D model with the right patterns, features, and surface colors.

Our engineering team at CAD/CAM Services uses the EinScan HX when we want exceptional results when we can’t afford to wait for slow scanners.

Technical Specifications:


as low as 0.04mm

Volumetric Accuracy:

as low as 0.04+0.06mm/m

Measurement resolution:


Measurement rate:

1,200,000 points/s

Part size range (recommended):

Built-in color camera?



Worldwide support

Innovative solution

Features and Benefits

Affordability Meets Versatility

The target market for any Shining 3D portable scanner is a company that wants high-quality scans without breaking the bank. The engineers who created EinScan struck a perfect balance between affordability and versatility. These scanners are great options for smaller businesses that want to save time and money in reverse engineering efforts.

A Lightweight Option

Handheld scanners should be light enough to scan all day without being flimsy. The EinScan HX is durable enough to work in tough environments, and light enough to keep your arms fresh while you carry and use the scanner all day. 

  • Lightweight. At only 710g (1.6 lbs), you can use this 3D scanner all day without your arms getting tired.
  • Portability you need. This small handheld 3D scanner is small enough to fit into a single case, allowing you to travel with it.

Accuracy You Deserve

Although the EinScan HX can’t deliver metrology-grade results, you’ll still get the best accuracy on the market for this price. This means that each scanned file will have more details and data. You can easily 3D print a part using any scan you take with the EinScan HX. 

  • Accuracy. As low as 0.04mm.
  • Capture fine details. The EinScan HX will create 3D models that include tiny details in the original part, making the file more functional.

Scan Anything

This handheld scanner can tackle a huge range of products. Other scanners can’t reliably work on dark material or shiny parts, and they have strict size limitations. The EinScan HX doesn’t have these same limitations.

  • Hybrid scanning technology. The blue laser and LED lights work together to scan reflective and dark materials with the same accuracy and resolution. 
  • Impressive size range. The engineers at Shining 3D scanned a figurine, a compressor, and a full car using the same EinScan HX.