One of the best 3D design tools today, Computer-Aided-Three-dimensional-interactive-application (CATIA) is one of the frontiers of the product lifecycle management system. The range of CATIA capabilities allows it to be applied in many industries. CATIA design services can help you get the most out of CATIA. Here’s how

CATIA Design Services is the Need of the Hour

From OEMs to small independent producers, CATIA is the leading product development solution for all manufacturing organizations. The range of CATIA capabilities allows it to be applied in a wide variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, industrial machinery, electrical, electronics, shipbuilding, plant design, and consumer goods. CATIA design services can help you get the most out of CATIA.

From product concept specification through product-in-service, a CATIA service can address the complete product development process in a fully integrated and associative manner. Additionally, the CATIA service can facilitate true collaborative engineering across the multidisciplinary extended enterprise, including style and form design, mechanical design, equipment and system engineering, managing digital mock-ups, machining, analysis, and simulation.

By enabling organizations to reuse product design knowledge and accelerate development cycles, a CATIA design service helps them to speed-up their responses to market needs. Following are some of the reasons to use a CATIA design service.

Design, Drafting and Modeling Services

A CATIA design service has experts who can use CATIA products to develop solid, hybrid, and sheet metal model part and assembly design. Additionally, they can perform integrated drafting. They can integrate manufacturing tolerances, material call-outs, and Bill-of-Materials (BOM).

Simulation and Analysis

A CATIA design service can use a suite of analysis tools to provide you a complete design solution, including Thermal analysis, Simiulia based meshing, nonlinear structure analysis, generative part structural analysis, generative assembly structure analysis, generative dynamic response analysis, FEM surface analysis, and FEM solid analysis.

Product Synthesis Services

Another reason to use a CATIA design service is utilizing the CATIA KnowledgeWare solution to extract explicit knowledge from implicit design methods, which allows you to achieve optimum design. By leveraging the built-in tools of CATIA, CATIA design services incorporate design constraints to streamline the design process and reduce risk. Additionally, they can rapidly determine the best design choices by considering multidisciplinary specifications.

Equipment and Systems Engineering Services

A CATIA design service can leverage CATIA’s capabilities for electrical design in both 2D and 3D, which allows the service to model you part/assembly, model the tooling used to fabricate your part/assembly, model the manufacturing floor space where the part/assembly is fabricated, and model the entire plant housing your engineering and manufacturing personnel, equipment, and services.


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