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Why Use SolidWorks Outsource CAD Services

Signing up for SolidWorks outsourced CAD services is a quick way for most companies to save time and money. However, many engineering departments don’t know how this process works or what it is. This means that you could be losing business each year without even realizing it.

In this guide, our experts will tell you exactly why your engineering team should outsource your SolidWorks CAD projects through a trusted company like CAD/CAM Services.

What Are SolidWorks Outsource CAD Services?

SolidWorks outsourced CAD services are when you pay an outside company to do CAD work for you on SolidWorks. The company typically signs an NDA to keep your intellectual property safe, and they can work on projects alongside your typical engineering team.

The difference between in-house and outsourced CAD services is that you’re not hiring full-time employees when you outsource the work. Instead, you’re accessing on-demand engineers who can help as much or as little as you’d like.

Why Should You Use SolidWorks Outsource CAD Services?

We’ve helped plenty of companies just like yours by providing our outsourced CAD services. Why do so many people choose to outsource? Here are a few major reasons (and reasons why you should, too).

It’s a More Affordable Option

In most applications, it’s more affordable to outsource your SolidWorks CAD work than to handle it in-house. You won’t be paying for your outsourced engineers’ paid days off, sick time, or medical benefits at all. Instead, you’re just paying for the engineering work they perform.

In a lot of cases, we charge a flat rate per project, or an hourly rate for our SolidWorks services. We don’t have any hidden fees at CAD/CAM Services, so the initial quote will give you all the numbers you need — that makes it super simple to understand what you’re paying for and how much money you can save.

Get Projects Done Sooner

Outsourced engineering companies typically have large groups of engineers that can be assigned to your project. A high-quality company will be able to get SolidWorks CAD files to you sooner than your internal engineers can.

How is that possible? Well, we can only speak for ourselves at CAD/CAM Services: we have over 100 engineers and draftsmen who work on staggered schedules so we’re open and operating 24/7. We can assign engineers to your project around the clock, essentially tripling how fast we can get the work back to you.

Whether you have 1 or 100 SolidWorks files that you need to receive, you’ll save a substantial amount of time when you outsource to the right company.

Be Able to Take on More and Larger Projects

The scope of work that you can handle is going to depend on your engineering staff. If you just have 10 engineers, then you can only handle so many projects each year, and you can only dedicate time to 10 projects at a time.

With outsourcing, all that changes. With a quick conversation, you can expand your workforce to 10 in-house engineers and 10 outsourced engineers. Suddenly, you can take on twice as much work, tackle projects that are twice as large, and deal with problems that are twice as complicated.

This all boils down to a simple result: more money in your pocket, more projects completed, and more work to get paid for.

Caucasian Male and Black Female Engineers Working on a Drone Project with Help of Laptop and Taking Notes. He Works in a Bright Modern High-Tech Laboratory.

An outsourced engineering team reviews their progress on a reverse-engineered drone for a client.

Free Up Your In-House Engineers

For most engineering companies that we work with, their engineers are stretched thin. A lot of companies have to overload their engineers, resulting in a workforce that has too much to do and not enough time.

By outsourcing your SolidWorks projects, your in-house engineers are free to work on other projects. They can start creating new products to bring more money in, they can tackle your backlog of tasks, or they can pivot to finish work they’ve been putting off.

The bottom line is that you can focus on making money with your engineers, instead of simply making 3D SolidWorks models.

Get Peer-Reviewed, CAD Perfect Models

Quality control is a big focus for most projects. In outsourcing, it’s hard to find a company that cares about your projects as much as you do. This can result in outsourced engineers that cut corners and take shortcuts at your expense.

At CAD/CAM Services, we refuse to take the easy way. Instead, we peer-review all of our work to uphold the highest level of quality possible. Of course, we have a dozen other quality checks that we go through to ensure that every file we send you is CAD Perfect.

With this guarantee, you can rest assured that the 3D SolidWorks assemblies, parts, and drawings you receive are going to be top-notch and meet all of your needs.

Leverage Industry Experts

It’s hard to find industry experts at a moment’s notice, and it’s expensive to have full-time experts on your staff. How do you deal with this problem, then? By outsourcing to a high-quality outfit. Our team has dozens of industry experts and SMEs with decades of experience.

When you have a project that demands specific knowledge that you don’t have in-house, you can turn to CAD/CAM Services and capitalize on our extensive group of experts. We can assign any number of experts to your project to ensure you get the best results possible.


As you just learned, outsourcing your SolidWorks CAD work can save you time, reduce your operating costs, and boost the quality of each model. CAD/CAM Services is here to be your full-service outsourcing partner. With our team of over 100 engineers, allow us to give you the engineering power your projects demand. Get a free quote today.

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