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Why Use CAD / CAM Services for CATIA STL to Model

A rapid prototyping standard data output, the STL file is crucial in 3D printing. To design a 3D model, different types of software are used including CATIA. However, 3D printing requires a file with STL extension for better production monitoring. Here is why you should use CAD / CAM services for CATIA STL to model.

Using CAD / CAM Services for CATIA STL to Model

When it comes to 3D printing, a file that matter more than all others is the STL file. The STL file is a rapid prototyping standard data output. Why is it important? you can use different types of software, which includes CATIA, to design a 3D model. However, for better production monitoring during 3D printing, you will need a file with STL extension. For this reason, using CAD / CAM services for CATIA STL to model makes a lot of sense.

CAD / CAM services use specific guidelines when converting your CAD designs to 3D printable STL file from different CAD platform including CATIA. Also, they know well that they can design a 3D model using different software but for printing, they need a file with STL file for better production monitoring.

CAD / CAM services can create STL files from CATPart files using CATIA V5. Also, since STL files in CATIA cannot be created from assemblies (CATProduct files) or geometrical representations, CAD / CAM services save source files, includes those present in a neutral format, as CATParts. Also, if there is a need to save source design as an assembly, CAD / CAM services make sure to import CATIA as CATProduct. Moreover, to create an STL file from it, CAD / CAM services first convert it to a multi-bodied part. They follow a set procedure to do this.

Often, CAD / CAM services save STL files in CATIA V5 using the special add-on module. Occasionally, some of the components in CATIA may not align correctly in the combined part because of the way the original assembly was designed. Luckily, CAD / CAM services have the required CATIA STL to model expertise to align parts.

The best about using CAD / CAM services for converting STL files is that CAD / CAM services can convert an STL file into some sort of meaningful solid CAD data. Additionally, they can recreate the data using the STL file as a reference. For these reasons and more, CAD / CAM services are the best choice for converting STL files in CATIA into solid CAD data/models.

We are experts in CATIA design services including CATIA STL to model. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.

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