CATIA is designed for everyone and people from different backgrounds and different design practices can benefit from this solution. In CATIA, the default option set is the hybrid design. There are several advantages of using the hybrid design in CATIA but make sure you use a CAD / CAM service for the purpose.

Using CAD / CAM Service for Hybrid Design in CATIA

Most companies prefer ‘Non- hybrid’ design in CATIA because that is how CATIA was originally written. However, there is a benefit in making the switch to hybrid design. The hybrid design is the default option set in CATIA.

It is generally recommended when a designer requires a combination of solid and surface-based modeling under a single body. The purpose of this is to maintain the linearity in the sequence of feature creation. Another situation where hybrid design is recommended is when the modeling requires surface parents or volumes.

So, why use CAD / CAM service for Hybrid design in CATIA? A major advantage of this is integrating all geometry (wireframe, surface and solid) into one big group, called a PartBody. You won’t have to look very far to find construction geometry used to make a solid. Another advantage of this is simplifying making PowerCopies in case they contain a mix of wireframe, surface and solid geometry. With a hybrid design from a CAD / CAM service, you can ensure that everything is in order.

Although some companies prefer ‘Non- hybrid’ because it separates the solid geometry and locates all other geometry in Geometric Sets, Hybrid is a cleaner design because all the geometry, including solids, points, lines, planes, surfaces etc., is the PartBody.

Hybrid (design) modeling is the mixture of solid modeling and surface modeling.  For product design, a CAD / CAM service would use ‘surface modeling’ to build the whole outlook because this allows them to build face by face and control all surface curvatures, continuities, and draft directions. After they outlook is complete, they use ‘solid modeling’ to build the internal mechanical features, like ribs and screw bosses.

The features have a simple shape and are built face to face. This ensures that the solid-modeling features are easier to change in shape and location. For complex models with lots of surfaces and curves, using CAD / CAM service for hybrid design in CATIA is recommended.

As seen above, there are many advantages of using CAD / CAM service for CATIA hybrid design including integrates all the geometry into one big group and easier manipulation with PowerCopy.

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