How Temporary Drafting Will Save Money for Your Building Firm

These days, many building firms are expanding their operation to include self-sustaining CAD departments that create workable blueprints and designs. Unless you’re a multimillion dollar company, it’s probably wiser to invest in temporary drafting instead. These services create working designs for your building projects and are a money-saving godsend for small-scale builders like you.Building Firm

First, let’s take a look at the average price of CAD software. To be blunt, CAD software is expensive: expect to pay up to $1,000-$2,000 for any decent program. While some companies, such as Alibre, have offered discounts as low as $99, that is a very rare exception.

And even if you can afford to invest in CAD software, you are going to run into a serious brick wall when trying to use it. Simply put, CAD software is not exactly user-friendly. Even if you understand some basic drafting techniques, navigating and successfully designing with a CAD program requires years of training.

So, you think, you’ll just hire a full-time CAD engineer for your firm. Not a bad investment, if you can afford up to $75,000 for a CAD engineer’s yearly salary. Or if you can afford the thousands of dollars it will cost to upgrade your office to include the special needs of a CAD engineer, including the most up-to-date computers, brand new design software, and a high-speed internet connection.

Instead of dropping precious capital on a department that may not be sustainable for your company, hire us. Our highly trained CAD experts have over 30 years of experience offering temporary drafting services to companies just like you. We offer a 48 hour outsourcing turnover rate, the fastest in the industry, and a $125 first time customer rate.


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