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Scan to CAD Services | Scan to CAD | Scanning to CAD

Texas-based CAD / CAM Services has been a global center of excellence for a paper to CAD conversion services since 1988.We have been awarded the AS9100 and GSA certificates and we are one (1) of the few authorized CAD Conversion companies certified by the Department of Defence CAD Conversion work.We have achieved an accuracy of .005″ in our paper to CAD conversions.

We are proud to be one of the few companies in the world which can produce this type of work which is so appreciated in the military and aircraft industry.We have two registered trademarks: CAD Perfect™ and CAD Perfect CAD conversions™ (over $2 million each year) with real lines, arcs, circles and text as text.

At a minimum, each drawing is produced with 3-7 layers (levels) and colors. Following your choice we use your own layering scheme for a paper to CAD conversion or we come up with any suitable for the paper to CAD no extra charge. All of our files are delivered within your native CAD file format.We scan to CAD any amount of drawings for you.

It does not matter if you need to make paper to CAD conversion for just one drawing or a room full of drawings — every paper to CAD conversion will be accurate, high-grade and prompt.CAD / CAM Services utilizes many different conversion methods for scanning your drawings to CAD.

We use in-house paper to CAD conversion products from GTX, Hitachi, I/Vector, and Softelec together with our own raster to vector conversion programs. Imagine you need to make paper to CAD conversion for 100 drawings. For 30% of them, we use one method, for another 30% we utilize different product and the last 40% are scanned to CAD with an alternative method. But all these products are only tools and can not give a 100% solution for a paper to CAD conversion, so our experts spend hours and hours for hand redrawn to produce our CAD Perfect™.

CAD / CAM Services is highly capable for a scan to CAD from large format media, aperture cards, and films.

Our Prices for a paper to CAD conversion

  • Get clean, high quality and accurate CAD Perfect™ CAD files for $125-$225 per file depending on its size!
  • Special rate $100 for first responders (police, fire, etc.)
  • If you need to make any correction in your Cad Perfect™ CAD because of some size changes in the original media we can fix it, applying a 15-20% surcharge
  • No additional charge for rush orders!

Our Delivery Terms for Scan to CAD

Your delivery schedule is very important for us. We are making the paper to CAD conversion 24 hours per day (3 shifts), delivering 8-11 Perfect CAD files daily. The 1-4 high-quality drawings are delivered within 48 hours, 5-10 Perfect CAD files within 72 hours, for 10+ files to scan to CAD the delivery schedule is subject to reconfirmation.

You can use FedEx, UPS or other quick post services to send us your order for a paper to CAD. As soon as the scan to CAD is completed we send you the layers by email or FTP and the originals are sent you back by USPS Priority Mail


Once you receive our CAD Perfect™ file, please check it and if you are not completely satisfied with your scan to CAD, just let us know and we will fix it within 24 hours at no additional cost! CAD / CAM Services offers you the “no hassle guarantee”. If you are not 100% satisfied with our paper to CAD, we will refund your money. No hassles, no debates. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed! We are D&B rated, with sales up to $ 1.2 m per year.

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