We at CAD / CAM Services are amongst the leading lights of reverse engineering and as a matter of fact, consider it to be the very future of machining

Thanks to very rapid developments in the field of reverse engineering of the various machine and components required in a modern workshop, we can say with reasonable confidence that reverse engineering is here to say. This holds even truer of the whole process is also mated to a state of the art 3D scanning services and procedures.

Provided that true blue professionals are hired for the job at hand, it will not be wrong to conclude that reverse engineering of the many tools and dies that are of critical importance in the machining and manufacturing sectors will be the most popular way of making these tools, at least in the near future.

This is due to the fact that not only does this process rapidly enhance just about any factory’s tooling process very rapidly indeed, but at the same time it is all the more difficult to design a new product as well. We at CAD, CAM are a very cost-effective indeed, due to the fact that we tend to hardwire both precision as well as a certain degree of accuracy into the whole process right from its starting point, all the way to its finish as well.

Thanks to the rapid improvements in cutting-edge technology (literally) it is not quite possible to effectively 3D scan any particular part or component of a machine and thereby capture the data as well. It is also important that one should define the same and in the process, end up creating a very high-quality process that will help in overall tool design, build quality and even the durability of the reverse engineered part in question.

The various advantages of the tool and die reverse engineering process include the following

  • Overall Speed of the process

Commencing the work with the existing part already in hand and also conducting a 3D scan so as to capture the data effectively speeds up the process of reverse engineering and redesign all the more. This can help jump-started stalled assembly lines so that the company’s products never lose their shelf space at all.

Very easy to both update as well as redesign the whole process

Thanks to the miracle of reverse engineering via 3D scanning of preliminary models as well as prototypes it is now possible to replicate just about any physical object. As a matter of fact, the same process can also be applied even to existing products as well. We are CAD, CAM services are the ‘go to’ experts in this field and are sure to provide satisfaction in all reverse engineering related issues.


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