What is WiseImage?

WiseImage is a commercially available software package that helps to automate the process of raster to vector conversion.Raster to Vector Using WiseImage Software

Who uses WiseImage?

WiseImage is a solution for anyone who needs to restore, update, or revise a raster or vector drawing.

WiseImage works over a wide range of applications – GIS, cadastral, aerial and satellite image processing, architecture, engineering, schematics, and others.


WiseImage Features We Like

  • Native CAD-style interface with a command line and layouts with viewports
  • High-end image processing
  • Works exactly like a CAD application
  • Processes raster files as well as the best image processing application
  • Premium raster tools process scanned drawings, imagery, or other raster graphics
  • “Hybrid” feature lets users work with raster and vectors together as if it is a single vector drawing.


WiseImage’s Benefits

  • Advanced solution for raster, vector and raster-to-vector conversion
  • The powerful suite of lets you edit scanned drawings and maps easily
  • Saves redrafting time and accelerates productivity
  • Automatic R2V and V2R conversion


In Conclusion

WiseImage is 2D CAD standalone application for raster editing, raster-to-vector conversion, and drawing revision. WiseImage enables quick changes, editing, and correction, or automatic and semi-automatic raster-to-vector conversation of technical drawings, scanned maps, plans, drafts, sketches, and other graphics. It blends raster and vector with CAD functionality and image processing capabilities. WiseImage is one of the many rasters to vector tools that we use here at CAD / CAM Services, Inc. We can help you decide if it’s a tool you should use.


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This article was last Updated on February 10, 2022

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