Film Digitizing ServicesThe use of industrial X-rays for non-destructive testing enables a thorough evaluation of products and components without damage. This is a valuable technology for evaluation, troubleshooting, research, and quality control in science and industry.Traditionally, manufacturing has used X-ray examination to:

  • Verify that hidden components are present and connected properly
  • Find cracks, voids, or other flaws in assembled products
  • Verify weld integrity
  • Guide a robot for assembly
  • Count the number of welds, teeth, slots, or other such features
  • Perform a critical dimensional measurement
  • Communicate with 3rd party equipment such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, and remote storage

X-rays have enabled all of this, plus they have had the added benefit of being able to be used in the field with portable x-ray machines.

Today, however, the aerospace industry has led the way, and other industrial manufacturing is following using digital radiology for NDT. Digital radiography helps companies to implement continuous product improvement as well as improved inspection efficiency, productivity and profit margins.

How to Solve the Film Problem when you Convert to Digital NDT

Failure to address the handling of prior analog film-is a common mistake made by organizations when transitioning to digital imaging. Reviewing prior studies is critical for good decision-making and product development. Aerospace and manufacturing companies will need to handle prior film for many years in order to maintain existing products and components, as well as to improve design going forward.

However, when a company deploys an image management system that does not include a viable plan for handling these prior films, a workflow is disrupted and costs increase. Over time, these costs rise well above the cost of a film digitizer. Having never gone through the transition before, some facilities think they will only need to deal with analog film for a few months or don’t think it’s important to digitize prior films. However, while the need to access some types of prior films from an archive may decrease over time, other original films associated with long-life products or structures must be retained and used by the company for many years. The analog film also will continue to come in from outside sources who provide components and parts.

The bottom line is that aerospace facilities and other manufacturers will need to deal with analog film far longer than they may think and certainly longer than a few months. In addition, comparing analog films on a light box with digital studies on a computer monitor is cumbersome and difficult for NDT technicians and lowers the standard control.

For a technician, just one analog film a day can create significant workflow and product review challenges. As a result, incorporating an NDT film digitizing service or an NDT film digitizer into digital planning will ensure that these problems don’t negatively impact an organization.

Radiograph Film Digitization Technology

The U.S.A. National Archives lists X-Ray film as one of the most fragile documents to store. Because of their properties, X-Ray Films must be preserved under strict temperature and humidity controls. Some X-Rays are Nitrate based which means they are extremely flammable. The introduction of radiograph film digitization into aerospace, manufacturing, construction, industrial projects, and plants ensures that these organizations have electronic records in permanent archives.

Key Benefits of NDT Film Digitizing:

  • Eliminates aging of films, retaining image quality
  • Physical archive storage to a computer or Diconde Cloud
  • Associated documents such as UT, MPI and associated reports can also be archived
  • Radiographs can be electronically reported and archived
  • With Diconde Cloud, information is available to authorized users 24/7 from any Internet browser
  • Eliminates storage costs of film

How to Get Started

The first step in converting your NDT X-ray film to digital is determining whether to purchase an NDT film digitizer and if so, which one; or whether to use our NDT film digitizing service. Our NDT digitizing experts can help you decide.

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