If you have any amount of X-ray film in your facility, then you could be wasting time, money, and potentially damaging the film without realizing it. Modern companies have moved to digitizing their film, and the industry agrees that the best option for long-term storage. In this guide, you’ll learn why film digitization is a great idea, and you’ll learn how to digitize your film today.

What Is Film Digitization?

The film we’re talking about is X-ray film, one of the toughest types of media to store long-term. As one of the best digitization and CAD companies in the area, we know a lot about this topic.

Film digitization is when you take your X-ray film and create scans that become digital copies of the film. You might have done X-rays as a form of non-destructive test for your aerospace, robotic, or manufacturing equipment.

In fact, X-raying equipment is one of the best ways to verify weld integrity and find any cracks. So, what are you supposed to do with this film after you capture the image?

You can scan the image and upload it to a cloud server like DICONDE-Cloud, which was specifically built for archiving X-ray images. The process requires special scanners and takes some effort, so it’s a good idea to outsource this project with industry experts, like our team at CAD/CAM Services.

Why Film Digitization Is a Great Idea

Film digitization is great for a number of reasons, especially when you look at X-ray film specifically.

It Prevents Film Aging

The biggest reason to digitize your film is to prevent aging. X-ray film needs to be stored in temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and UV-sensitive storage areas. In addition, a lot of X-rays are nitrate-based, which are highly flammable. Over time, the film will degrade if it’s not stored perfectly, and your X-rays will become illegible and unusable.

Allows Easy Access to Film

Accessing film that’s stored in a special area can be a headache for any process flow. Your engineers need to stop what they’re doing then go to a certain area and carefully access the X-rays. If the film is digitized, they can do the full process from their desk or phone when they’re in the field.

Radiographic images of welded joints of pipelines are hanging on the line in the darkroom

Gets Rid of Storage Costs

As you know, storing X-ray film can get expensive pretty quickly. By digitizing all this film onto a centralized server, you don’t have to worry about physically storing the X-rays.

Archives and Associates Different X-Rays

You can build folders so all the associated X-rays for certain equipment are lumped together. Your team won’t have to go through dozens of containers to find the right X-rays anymore. This speeds up the retrieval process by a lot.

Get Your Film Digitized By CAD/CAM Services

If you want world-class film digitization services, then you can trust CAD/CAM Services. We’ve been digitizing film and X-rays for decades, and we have the equipment and expertise you need. We’ll get your digital conversion done in no time.


Film digitization can expedite file retrieval, keep your information safe, and prevent long-term damage to X-ray film. Our experts at CAD/CAM Services can do the full process for you. We take the stress out of film digitization. Get a free quote today.

This article was last Updated on June 14, 2023

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