Want to know how outsourcing SolidWorks advanced part modeling works? Here is an introduction to it.

Why Outsource SolidWorks Modeling Work?

By outsourcing Solidworks modeling work, companies get the expertise of the fundamental skills, tools, and concepts central to successfully building multibody and complex shape models.

How Outsourcing SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling Works

An essential part of the modern working environment, the use of a computer-aided design (CAD) system is evident at all stages of the design process, from conceptualization and production of working drawings to the production of virtual reality images. Today, a popular CAD software is SolidWorks.

A leading solid modeling software, SolidWorks boasts a vast array of tools that are used by CAD / CAM services to help you build better designs and identify errors that you might ordinarily miss. Here, we will tell you about the more advanced manufacturing, verification, and simulation tools available in SolidWorks and how they are used by a CAD / CAM service to efficiently review your assemblies and parts for errors.

By outsourcing SolidWorks advanced part modeling to a CAD / CAM service, you can save money and time on your projects. Some of the functions that a CAD / CAM service can perform in this area include:

  • Using the Interference Detection tool
  • Using the Clearance Verification tool
  • Using the Draft Analysis tool
  • Using the Deviation Analysis tool
  • Comparing documents
  • Using the DFMXpress Analysis tool
  • Using the Part Reviewer
  • Using the Check Active Document tool
  • Assembly Visualization

CAD / CAM services use advanced modeling techniques such as loft, sweep, multi-solid bodies, and splines. Additionally, they import and constrain a library feature into a party/ assembly, create and manipulate surfaces using surface modeling methods, and create a rendered animation of a model. A CAD / CAM service uses advanced assembly modeling techniques such as advanced mates, configurations, top-down assembly modeling and display mated and can create assemblies and parts using weldments and sheetmetal commands.

Make the Most Out of the Modeling Tools

The tools for modeling complex shapes in SolidWorks are quite robust and feature rich. A CAD/ CAM service know how to make the most out of the modeling tools to ensure great SolidWorks advanced part modeling. Additionally, they have the fundamental skills, tools, and concepts central to successfully building multibody and complex shape models. A CAD / CAM service performing advanced part modeling in SolidWorks can:

  • Create multibody solids using a variety of techniques
  • Combine, deform or delete solid bodies
  • Use various techniques to split parts into multiple bodies
  • Create an assembly from a multibody part
  • Identify different types of sketched curves
  • Evaluate the curvature of sketch and solid geometry
  • Create boss and cut features by sweeping
  • Identify curve features
  • Create a 3D sketch
  • Improve performance with complex parts
  • Create and compare loft and boundary features
  • Reuse sketch geometry by copying and creating derived sketches

As seen above, outsourcing SolidWorks advanced part modeling can be beneficial. For more information and to get feedback on your project, please contact us. Our friendly experts will be more than happy to help you and provide you with a project quote.


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