Many small companies have a need for drafting but don’t have a large enough need to justify forming an entire drafting department. For many industries, a drafting department doesn’t add any value to your end product and just increases your overhead. Still, drawings need to occasionally be made to record technical data and share it with customers and suppliers. This is the exact scenario when it makes sense for drafting outsourcing. Drafting outsourcing is a perfect solution to keep overhead costs low, but ensure good quality technical drawings for important products and/or equipment.

CAD / CAM Services, Inc. can provide drafting service for a variety of different types of technical drawings. By using our services you can ensure that your company is getting good technical drawings, no matter what the industry is that you are in. Over the last twenty years plus, we have provided drawings in everything from architectural to engineering drawings. We have the capabilities to use a wide variety of CAD software, ensuring that we can provide your drawings to you in whichever format is best for your needs. Some of the different software that we have experience using is AutoCAD, Revit, Microstation, Visio, Solidworks, and CATIA V5. In addition to being able to provide drawings to you in these formats, we can also provide conversion of drawings between these formats. This is perfect for businesses who have old drawing files that need to be updated and converted to a more current format. It is also perfect for businesses that deal with customers/suppliers that use different formats for their own drawings. By providing drawing conversion we can ensure that you have good communication with both your customers and suppliers when it comes down to sharing technical drawings.

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