A component of reciprocating engines, pumps, gas compressors, and pneumatic cylinders, a piston is a moving component contained by a cylinder. To create a well-manufactured piston, it is crucial to do the design, analysis, and optimization of piston right. Here is how CAD / CAM helps to get piston design in CATIA right.

What You Need to Know About Piston Design in CATIA

Regardless of who’s doing it, the aim of every piston design, analysis, and optimization is to produce a stronger, lighter piston with minimum cost and in less time. Also, since the design and weight of the piston influence the performance of the engine, it is crucial to get the design right during the design and modeling phase.

3D CAD modeling software such as CATIA and CAD / CAM services can help make this possible. CATIA is great for designing a piston and when it comes to piston design in CATIA, there is no better CAD company than CAD / CAM services. A piston is a major component in an engine and its design/analysis is based on structural and thermal considerations. Computer-aided-technology such as CATIA is increasingly being used today to get the right.

CAD / CAM services believe that by altering the design parameter such as the thickness of the crown, barrel thickness, or thickness of the ring lands, an optimal solution to the existing design could be obtained. Additionally, CAD / CAM services often perform the design and analysis of the piston based on structural and thermal considerations.

Another important consideration for CAD / CAM services in the design of a piston is its material. For example, the most common material used for automotive pistons is aluminum due to its lightweight, low cost, and acceptable strength. Therefore, in case a client hasn’t specified their piston material, CAD / CAM services will look to design the piston based on the default or most commonly material.

CAD / CAM services design and optimize the piston of an engine using CAD software such as CATIA. Another software is used for analysis purposes. During the design and analysis phase, the volume of the piston, the thickness of the barrel, and width of other ring lands of the piston are increased while Vonmisses stress and Deflection are increased after optimization. Despite this, all parameters are well within design consideration.

CAD / CAM services and CATIA software will enable you to accommodate design requirements for the piston, regardless of complexity. CAD / CAM services combine the power of feature-based design with CAD expertise to offer highly-productive CAD design services.

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