Interview with a CAD / CAM Services Technician

I don’t usually get to spend a lot of time talking to our engineers and technicians who actually work with our customers. But, I recently made time to sit down with one of our best technicians to get his take on how well we’re doing meeting our client’s needs.  Here are the questions I asked, and his unfiltered, unedited answers:

Who is our client?
A vendor, manufacturer, and seller, who is working with assembling sheet metal structures, such as weapon cases, telephone booths, steelmaking furnaces, painting booths, workshops, garages, hangars etc.

What does our client have?

Solidworks, Inventor, CATIA or AutoCAD assemblies. A Product Data Management system.

Drafting standards.

Example of a drawing.

What can we provide for our client?

Create a set of drawings for all the assemblies and details based on the drafting standards

Convert all assemblies and details into a library, which will contain all the models and drawings and create Bill of Materials for all the assemblies

What are the benefits?

Fast processing, quick result – we are working 24/7

Completed drawings are suitable for sending to manufacture and assembly

Everything is done in CATIA and Solidworks, that is a manufacturing standard for the majority of manufacturers

Detail Libraries provide major simplification to designing new similar assemblies because standard parts could easily be used in following projects

Why do our clients choose us?

We have been working with sheet metal for more than 30 years, and are experienced in working with construction drawings, drafting, creating models for details and assemblies and libraries.

Our drafters and modelers provide qualified assistance and are able to help you with your projects.


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