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How to Convert One Thousand 3D CAD Files Daily

How to Convert One Thousand 3D CAD Files Daily


Ever wonder how you can speed up your 3D CAD conversions?  Consider the plight of one company that had over 150,000 parts drawings that they needed to convert into 3D models in order to make them available over the Internet.   Consider further the fact that they wanted each of the drawings to be available in nine different 3D file formats.  They concluded, and rightly so, that this was an enormous task that had the potential to take years and years to complete, but they wanted it done in a much shorter time.

CAD / CAM Services

Enter CAD / CAM Services, Inc., a 25-year-old CAD Conversion company located in Celina, TX….

Who is CAD / CAM Services?

CAD / CAM Services has had considerable experience with CAD conversions in both the commercial and the DOD world.  Examples include converting aperture cards into AutoCAD files, converting individual Boeing aircraft drawings into full CATIA 3D assembly Models, and other complex CAD conversions.  CAD / CAM prides themselves on their CAD Perfect ™ files which are guaranteed to be more accurate than the original drawings.   CAD / CAM is one of only a couple of firms in the world who can hold aerospace accuracy tolerances of +/-.005” in order to truly qualify as CAD Perfect.  With experience at taking single drawings numbering in the hundreds and converting them into a one complete and complex assembly model, CAD / CAM Services was one of the strongest contenders for this mammoth job.

“We knew that this was one of the largest single CAD conversion projects ever undertaken in the United States,” says Scott Shuppert, President of CAD / CAM Services, “but with our years of experience and our flexible staff that includes P.E. engineers, architects, and other CAD experts, we’re always ready for the toughest cad conversion jobs, no matter how large or how small.  I’m proud to say that we were able to ramp up quickly and achieve our daily goal of 1,000 conversions within weeks of the start date, and we’re already forty-five days ahead of schedule.”

What’s the Take-Away?

Shuppert goes on to say, “There’s a lesson here for nearly every organization that has a cad conversion project consisting of more than just a few drawings…outsourcing to an experienced firm gets the job  done quickly and accurately.”

 cad conversion project expert

A CAD conversion company like CAD / CAM Services was very quickly able to hit their milestone of over one thousand daily 3D CAD Conversions.  This kind of consistent day in and day out 3D CAD conversion, requiring speed and multiple types of knowledge — 3D CAD, parts assemblies, multiple 3D CAD programs, and best practices across a range of disciplines and software types —  can be achieved only by a CAD conversion services company  that has extensive experience and talented personnel.  CAD / CAM Services has the knowledge and experience of thousands upon thousands of 3D CAD models that have been converted from paper engineering drawings.   Make sure that the company you choose to do your CAD Conversion work has a similar experience!

Don’t Over Pay for Experience

It’s very tempting to think that the higher the cost, the better the service.   And while sometimes that may be true, just as often, it’s not.  So, while you’re vetting a CAD conversion service company for their experience and technical qualifications, don’t forget to sharpen your pencil and add up the dollars and cents.

But, don’t go the other way and decide that you can save money by doing it in-house.  More often than not, with a larger size conversion project, it’ll only cost you more in the end than it would with the right CAD conversions outsource.

CAD/ CAM Services say that their pricing structure is exceedingly attractive, and offers the guarantee of CAD Perfect™ drawings.   So, doing really great work at prices as much as one-half less than it would cost customers to do it themselves internally seems to be CAD / CAM’s secret to success.

Whether your job is a 150 drawing conversion project or a 150,000 project, look for a firm that can save you both time and money, while providing you with personalized conversion service and a money-back guarantee.

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