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Hiring CAD / CAM Services for Piston Design In CATIA

Automobile components are in great demand these days because of the increased use of automobiles. The increased demand necessitates understanding the technologies and processes involved in the development of these components. An example of this is a piston design in CATIA. Here is why you should use CAD / CAM services for it.

Why Use CAD / CAM Services for Piston Design in CATIA

With the increase in the use of automobiles, the demand for automobile components has also increased. The reason for this increased demand for automobile components is their improved performance and reduced cost. Today, it’s becoming more and more important for R&D and testing engineers to develop critical components in the shortest possible time to minimize launch time for new products. Part of this development process is understanding the technologies and processes involved in the development of automobile components and an example of this is a piston design in CATIA.

About Piston Design

A piston is a moving component contained by a cylinder and made gas-tight by a piston rings. In an engine, the purpose of a piston is to transfer from expanding gas in the cylinder to the craft shaft via a piston rod and/or connecting rod. As it is an important engine part, a piston bears the cyclic gas pressure and inertia forces at work and this working condition may cause the fatigue damage of a piston. For this reason, modeling the piston appropriately is essential and what better way to ensure that than using CAD / CAM services for designing a piston in CATIA.

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