Get your Old Plant Drawings Converted To 3D Models:

Before the introduction of CAD / CAM to the modern world, all plant designs were drawn on Paper. Maintenance of these paper drawings has become a cost center to the organizations. Also, securing these paper drawings has become tougher as they become old. Most of the Industrial Plant Designs run into thousands of Paper Drawings. Arranging and identifying these drawings is a cumbersome job. When it comes to modifying the certain location in plant and identifying respective paper drawing sheet in itself take few days. To make changes in existing piping system of the plant, change of equipment location and modifying structural part of the plant needs their paper drawing sheets.

Introduction of certain CAD / CAM tools has made these problems look easy. Now you can get all your paper drawings converted into 3D Model with these tools. One such tool is Bentley AutoPLANT. This tool not only used to convert your paper drawings to 3D Model but also enables you to identify locations in the plant where certain changes have to be made. AutoPLANT can be easily used for Structural, Piping and Equipment designing and modifications.

Process Involved:

3D Scanning:  A 3D Scanner is used to capture the physical objects of the plant and the information scanned is stored as a point cloud data. This point cloud data becomes an input to AutoPLANT.

2D Drawing: Customer has to provide an image or a PDF of existing paper drawing data. This also becomes an input data.

Intermediary Tool: An intermediary tool is used to convert the point cloud data into a dumb solid Model.

Working With AutoPLANT: The dumb solid model from Intermediary CAD tool and point cloud data is inserted into AutoPLANT. 2D Drawing image provided by the customer is used for scaling purpose of the 3D Model.

After scaling a fully dynamic 3D Model is developed which is then can be viewed using AutoCAD.

About  AutoPLANT

AutoPLANT is the most widely used AutoCAD-based plant design software throughout the world. The AutoPLANT products include specification-driven 3D design tools for piping, equipment, isometric, raceway, and steelwork design, along with 2D functional design applications for instrumentation and wiring, data sheets, and process and instrumentation diagrams. Information sharing and engineering content management, reduce risk, facilitate more effective change management, and lead to higher-quality projects.

Key areas of application include:

  • 3D Laser Scanning for the production of As-built 3D models.
  • Creation up to date as-built documentation.
  • 3D semi-automated modeling.
  • Clash/Interference checking.
  • Data exchange with many CAD platforms.
  • 2D plans, Sections, and Details.
  • Complete 3D CAD models from point clouds.
  • Tank/vessel volumetric information.
  • Take off measurements directly from the scan viewer.
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