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Convert Point Clouds to CAD | Point Cloud to 3D Model | Point Cloud Conversion

If you’ve used a 3D scanner to collect raw point cloud data and need help converting the data into any CAD format, you’ve come to the right place. Or, if you have an original object that you’d like converted into CAD, we can scan it and collect the point cloud data for you. Either way, we’re experts at making virtual digital models in nearly any 3D CAD program format.

The process of converting a point cloud into a virtual model is called digital modeling or 3D modeling.

The benefits of 3D modeling are many:

  • Improved design quality
  • Reduction, if not elimination, of human error
  • Better visualization
  • Elimination of re-work
  • Creation of a true-to-life model
  • Enables ordering of exact quantities of raw materials
  • Better, earlier communication of design intent
  • Easier design collaboration
  • Earlier departmental buy-in saves time
  • Faster time to market
  • Enables concurrent engineering

By outsourcing your point cloud conversion, your designers and CAD operators are free to work on new projects, while we create the digital model that exactly replicates the form of the scanned object. You simply need to send us your point cloud data, and we will align and edit it to create a finalized complete 3D model.

Polygonal Models and Dumb Solids

3D scanning and the resulting point cloud data are particularly appropriate for modeling organic (freeform) shapes as well as polygonal models (STL Files) and Rapid NURBS Dumb Solids.

A Polygonal Model is a faceted (or tessellated) model consisting of many triangles. Facets are formed by connecting points within the point cloud. STL files can be used for visualization, rapid prototyping, design, milling, and analysis software.

A Rapid NURBS ‘Dumb’ Solid (usually in IGS format) starts with the polygonal model. NURBS surfaces are wrapped over the polygonal wireframe. This wrapped surface model is smoother than a polygonal model. The NURBS model can be brought into parametric modelers such as SolidWorks (although without parametric history – thus the term “dumb” solid).

Don’t you be dumb! Contact us today for point cloud conversion.

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