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CATIA Models library: A repository for many physical objects

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When it comes to understanding the workings of the CATIA Models Library, it is important to understand that the archives contain the data for many physical objectsIf we look at CATIA from its inception, then we can easily see that the whole of the CATIA Models library project had initially started off as development software program that had been created in-house by a top French company. In fact, it had been initiated back in the 1970s and the instigator was (at that time) one of the best and most well-known French aircraft manufacturers in Europe. That is, Avions Marcel Dassault.

This top end aerospace manufacturing company had been one of the leading proponents of using various aspects of the CADAM series of digital modeling software. The main reason and purpose were to help develop their Mirage brand of fighter and bomber jets. However, the software makes it beyond the narrow confines of the aerospace industry and was later on adopted by many different sectors including the automotive sector, and also the aerospace and shipbuilding, as well as a veritable kaleidoscope of other industries too.

The original CATI name was not retained and after a certain period of time, the software had been renamed CATIA in the year 1981, when Dassault had decided to go ahead and build their own subsidiary. This was done so that the company would be able to both develop and then, sell their own branded software (and along with that its accompanying technology). This also included the CATIA Models library at that point in time.

In fact, the CATIA Library is also able to help provide the really great level of pure functionality for an enhanced overall management of many different CATIA objects that will then be used to define the usage of the CAD, CAM, and CATIAarchitecture, and runtime environment in many different software suites and modes. These will also go on include many important elements such as CATIA 3D Design drafting sequence for instance, as well as CATIA’s own ‘Numerical Control’ system.

We at CAD / CAM Services are the some of the leading experts when it comes to CATIA design, as well as modeling services and we are certain that we provide some of the very best CATIA drafting services for our valued customers. Should you require any more information, then you can contact us, and we will be sure to find the right solution for all of your CATIA drafting and designing needs, regardless of how complex your task or project may well be, for us.

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