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Can You Outsource SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling?

When you’re facing a big SolidWorks project, you might start looking for help. Perhaps you have some engineers on your team, but you might not have enough manpower to quickly finish the job. To save time and money, you might consider outsourcing the project.

In this guide, we’ll explain if you can outsource SolidWorks advanced part modeling. We’ll give you a direct answer and add some benefits of outsourcing work like this.

What Is SolidWorks Outsourcing?

SolidWorks outsourcing is when you hire a third-party engineering company to handle your advanced part modeling in SolidWorks. You would create a contract together, and pay the company on a per-project basis.

They would do the work independently and deliver the SolidWorks model to you. Depending on the size and scope of the project, you might need to have weekly alignment meetings or check-in calls. Otherwise, the outsourcing company can handle everything on their own.

It’s worth mentioning that when you outsource your SolidWorks projects, it’s okay to ask for an NDA and other contracts that protect you. A reliable CAD outsourcing team will have no problem signing those papers.

Can You Outsource SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling?

Even though advanced part modeling takes a lot of effort, expertise, and patience, you can outsource it to an outside CAD company. In fact, a lot of production and manufacturing companies prefer to outsource their SolidWorks projects to save money, avoid headaches, and get results quicker.

If you’re facing a large SolidWorks project, you can outsource some, most, or all of the work to a third-party team of engineers.

Benefits of Outsourcing SolidWorks Advanced Part Modeling Work

Why do people outsource their SolidWorks advanced part modeling work? There are a few reasons. Here are the biggest benefits of outsourcing this work.

Faster Turnaround Time

The biggest selling point is that an outsourced team will typically deliver results faster. Even if you have in-house engineers, it’s hard to compete with a CAD firm that focuses solely on engineering and design work.

For example, our company has more than 100 engineers and draftsmen. We can assign a dozen people to the project and deliver your advanced models faster than you might expect. It’s a combination of our manpower and expertise. We’ve worked on millions of drawings over the decades, so it’s hard to surprise us with a project.

Another option is to have your engineers work at the same time our engineers work. Essentially, you’ll get deliverables twice as fast (at a minimum).

Save Money on Engineering

Funding an in-house team of engineers can get very expensive. It becomes even more expensive when you start to factor in paid days off, benefits, and retirement accounts. These are all must-haves for engineers, but it still hurts to see all the money leave your account.

Alternatively, you can get a team of engineers through a contract and outsource them. Instead of hiring them full-time or direct, you would only pay for their efforts on your project.

The other way to save money through outsourcing is to stick with companies that have highly experienced engineers on their staff. With more experience, you can expect fewer mistakes which translates to less wasted money.

Solidworks drawing of wheel motor and gear

Rely on SolidWorks Experts

A high-quality SolidWorks outsource CAD team will have a lot of experience. More specifically, they will have SolidWorks experts on their team.

A SolidWorks expert can do every project quicker. They’ll have higher accuracy with their parts, and they’ll know shortcuts to finish parts more efficiently without sacrificing the quality.

If you wanted to hire your own SolidWorks expert, you would run into two big issues. First, they’re very rare and hard to find. You might spend a lot of time screening potential candidates and searching for the right person. In other words, wasting valuable time.

Secondly, they’re not cheap. An expert-level SolidWorks engineer is much more expensive than a typical entry-level designer.

To put it simply, you’ll spend a lot of extra time and money to get a SolidWorks expert on your team. Alternatively, you could work with CAD/CAM Services and outsource your SolidWorks project and utilize our in-house SolidWorks experts.

Get the Best Results

Quality is very important to our team of outsourced CAD experts. We have a number of in-house quality checks that we do before even sending a rough draft to you. That means that every part you receive has gone through multiple checks and has our full support.
You’ll never get a low-quality part or a part that doesn’t work.

That’s all part of our CAD Perfect promise. We want you to have the highest-quality results. We leverage ourselves as a partner, not just a one-off contract. We want to see you succeed, and one way of achieving that is to deliver the best results.

Tackling the same advanced part modeling project on your own might come with some sacrifices. Your engineers will have to pick and choose where to allocate their time, and some details might slip through the cracks. Of course, if you overwork an engineer and spread their attention too thin, this sort of stuff happens.

Have Higher Confidence in Fit, Form, and Function

Another reason to outsource your SolidWorks advanced part modeling work is to boost your confidence in the design. Using a high-quality outsourced engineer means that you can have more confidence in how your parts work, fit, and look.

We have a number of strategies that can lightweight parts, create aesthetically pleasing designs, ensure the material works in your operation, and do a finite element analysis to check the strength of the part.

The bottom line? We’ll make sure the part works before sending you the model. This is especially true for our advanced part modeling projects. We don’t want to deliver a part that looks nice on your screen but falls short in application.


As you just learned, you can outsource your SolidWorks advanced part modeling work. Outsourcing can save you a lot of time and money throughout the project. If you want the best results, consider CAD/CAM Services.

We are a full-service engineering firm with over 100 people on our staff. We’ve worked on countless projects over the decades, and we can confidently handle your advanced part modeling work. We’ll do all the work in SolidWorks, so you’ll receive a full SLDASM that works. Get a free quote today.

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