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Can You Outsource an Engine Design?

If you’ve never built an engine, is it worth spending hundreds of hours trying to learn how to? We don’t think so. That leaves you with outsourcing, but can you even outsource an engine design? In this quick guide, we’ll explain whether or not you can outsource an entire engine design.

What Is Outsourced CAD Design?

An outsourced CAD design is when you pay a third-party company to handle your engineering, drafting, and CAD work. There are a number of professional outsourcing companies that have teams of dedicated engineers that will handle your project.

You would pay that company on a per-project basis so you’re only paying for engineering hours that went into your project. At CAD/CAM Services, we’re a full-service outsourced CAD firm that has done millions of drawings over the years.

Types of Engineering Projects You Can Outsource

The beauty of outsourcing is that it’s so versatile. Every firm has different specialties, which means you can outsource almost any engineering project that you can think of.
It could be as simple as making a single 2D drawing or as complicated as designing a 3D aircraft (we’ve done both and everything in between at CAD/CAM Services).Can

You Outsource an Engine Design?

Yes, you absolutely can outsource an engine design. In fact, you can outsource the entire automobile if you’d like.

If you need an engine for a custom vehicle you’re designing, you might be surprised to see how difficult the engineering really is. It’s not as easy as putting together some blocks and hoping for the best.

Engines have very specific operating conditions, and if they aren’t met, the vehicle won’t work. We’re talking about piston sizes, bore diameters, desired compression ratios, displacement, and overall horsepower. All of these factors are directly tied to the design of the engine.

What Is Needed to Outsource an Engine Design?

Outsourcing an engine depends a lot on what you’re trying to do. With an expert, you can just give a general idea of what you’re looking to achieve. You might need to fill in some blanks, like your budget or how much horsepower you want it to make. From there, the outsourced team will handle all the design work.

Regardless of your application, though, you should only choose a company with experience building and designing engines.


At CAD/CAM Services, we’ve designed a lot of vehicles from scratch. We can design and deliver a 3D CAD model of your perfect engine. The best part? We don’t overcharge or over promise like the other guys — you’ll get a CAD Perfect engine from us in no time. Get a free quote today.

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