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Mechanical design, architectural design, 3D CAD modeling and CAD drafting, in general, can be inherently complicated.  Add budget and time constraints, as well as a varying workload to this complexity and most companies will tell you that having access to a pool of talented CAD services professionals such as engineers and Industrial designers that are available on an as-needed basis is vital to their survival.  Since the need for various CAD skills is dictated by the projects at hand, it is difficult to predict the future need for personnel.  This is where reliable CAD services outsource organization can play a major role in maximizing efficiency while minimizing personnel expense.Outsourced CAD Service The utilization of outsourced CAD services for mechanical and architectural design is one of the wisest choices any company can make.

Factors affecting the efficiency of outsourced CAD Services Background

Outsourced CAD Services not only constitute a booming industry but also form a critical support for both the mechanical and architectural design world.  As a natural progression of CAD growth, and as a result of the current economic conditions, many architectural and mechanical design firms are focused on measures that improve their profitability, while maintaining corporate integrity.  Improved efficiency can help.


EfficiencyEfficiency is defined in many different ways, depending upon the industry.   In the context of CAD design, we like the definition put forth by is one of those generic words  (like ‘Quality’, ‘Leverage’, ‘Viability’, etc.) that have the most widespread definitions and, perhaps, the strongest impact on an employee or a company. In the context of Architectural CAD Services, we would like to use this most relevant definition of efficiency as offered by

‘Accomplishment of our ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort.’

This is very similar to the definition of profit:

‘the ratio of…gain to the amount … invested.’

As regards CAD design, both of these definitions could be merged to say:

‘Outsourced CAD services give a CAD design firm the ability to accomplish a job with a minimum amount


Here are some factors which have been found to affect the efficiency of CAD Services:

  • Documentation: The biggest slowdown of workflow is due to questions during the work process.  That’s why any outsource CAD service and client should agree on client expectations on deliverables before they begin work.
  • Communication:  Important instructions on the project should be written and provided to all members of the project group in order to avoid errors.
  • Technology:  Ensuring at the outset of the project that the proper hardware and software is in place and that the correct file types can be provided ensures a successful outsourced CAD services project.  Efficiency is a perennial area of concern to Service-based organizations. It is also a key factor in their success. In today’s world of regular economy-quakes in the AEC world, efficiency is critical to the very survival of an Architectural CAD Services firm.
  • Human Resource Management:  Outsourcing CAD services eliminate this as a problem for the CAD design firm since the engineers and other technical drafting personnel are managed by the CAD services outsourcing company.  All the client needs to do is ask for resumes of the people who will work on his project in order to confirm that they have the necessary qualifications.

Accountability and Transparency

Today’s economy requires low costs and high return on investment for a company to survive.  Outsourcing with the right CAD services company reduces personnel costs and provides an excellent return on investment in terms of managing quality control and processes.   The recommended ways of ensuring accountability and transparency with the CAD services company you chose are:

  • Make sure they have exposure to an entire project, so they understand the part they’re playing
  • Include the outsource team in client interactions
  • Enable direct communication with your client to minimize internal management
  • Note the names of people who work on and who check the drawing – an age-old method used in the title block of a drawing in the boxes‘ Dealt By’ and ‘Checked By’

Recommended CAD Services Company  

CAD / CAM Services, Inc. has positioned itself as a reliable vendor for Mechanical and Architectural Design outsourcing services, 3D CAD modeling and drafting services for engineers and Industrial designers worldwide, and is committed to offering the highest level of CAD model services.  CAD / CAM Services employees engineering professionals with the skills and expertise to provide a full range of applications, including AutoCAD; Revit; Navisworks; MicroStation; VectorWorks; SolidWorks; CATIA V5; ArcInfo; BIM Services; PI & D; Aero Space; Architecture Services; Structural Engineering; MEP Services ; Visio; and more.  They provide Cad Perfect™ and Cad Perfect CAD conversions™ for any of your CAD outsourcing projects.


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