A polyester film made from extended polyethylene terephthalate, Mylar has been in use for a long time in engineering drawings due to its stability compared to paper. However, the drawings can degrade over time, which affects their accuracy. CAD / CAM services can provide Mylar to CAD conversion to help you avoid this.

Get Benefits of Mylar to CAD Conversion with CAD / CAM Services

Made from extended polyethylene terephthalate (PET), Mylar is a polyester film which has been in use for a long time in engineering drawings, mainly due to its stability compared to paper. However, Mylar drawings can degrade over time, which can affect their accuracy and cause them to have a negative impact.

There is good news though—CAD / CAM services can help you avoid the above problems by providing you with Mylar to CAD conversion. Have old Mylar drawings? Thinking of converting them to CAD? Then CAD / CAM services are the perfect CAD conversion company for you.

With the advancement of CAD programs, and, the emergence of 3D modeling, a number of companies today are starting to take their previous drawings into digitized storage capacities. Let consider the aerospace industry as an example here. The industry is focused on converting the drawings due to the longer life aircraft and the necessary upkeep, maintenance and replacement of parts required for safe operation.

To avoid any underlying CAD drawing to refer, some aerospace drawings were created and stored on Mylar sheets. However, as Mylar drawings degrade over time, it becomes essential to scan and convert them into CAD drawings to preserve them, mainly because these drawings do not have any associated CAD file.

CAD / CAM services can make it easy to store, access, transfer, and retrofit CAD drawings, which eliminates the need to use paper or Mylar drawings. By converting Mylar drawings to 3D models, CAD / CAM services can make it easier and fast to upgrade the parts and systems of aircraft.

Over the past few years, CAD / CAM services have successfully converted many aircraft engineering drawings. The main purpose of this Mylar to CAD conversion was to integrate Mylar aircraft engineering drawings into CAD work atmosphere through scanning, digitization, and conversion to CAD.

The biggest problem with Mylar drawings is that they are exposed to extremes of temperature which causes stretching in the drawings, which affects their accuracy. CAD / CAM services make sure to consider this during the conversion process since the accuracy of the final CAD file is of great significance.

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