Keeping CAD CAM Outsourcing in the U.S.

Keeping CAD CAM Outsourcing in the U.S.Since 2000, America has lost more than one third – roughly 5.4 million – of its manufacturing jobs.  This loss of manufacturing jobs has greatly contributed to the country’s overall unemployment problem.  Along with the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, has been the outsourcing of 850,000 information and technical jobs, including the very design of the products that are being manufactured offshore.


Manufacturers are major users of CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) and CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing).    The product to be manufactured is first designed in CAD, then verified in CAE and finally input into CAM software, which then controls the machine tools that produce the product or product parts.  By outsourcing not only the manufacturing but also the CAD / CAM/CAE functions, we increase our U.S. unemployment rates and decrease our self-reliance.

Does Offshore CAD CAM Outsourcing Really Reduce Costs?

Many proponents of offshore outsourcing site cost savings as the major benefit of the offshore outsourcing process.  However, there is U.S. based CAD outsource firms, such as CAD / CAM Services, Inc, that are able to offer more to their clients by increasing their internal capacity with a wide base of CAD CAM CAE skills sets and improved business processes management.

With the right U.S. based CAD outsource company, a manufacturing firm can achieve savings on overall CAD CAM and CAE requirements.  CAD CAM Services Inc.  leverages our manpower assets, technology assets, and infrastructure resources so that our customers receive exceptional quality CAD, including CAD Perfect TM services at minimum cost and time.

The benefits to you of using U.S. based CAD CAM Services include:

  • Scalability depending on project requirements
  • Greater productivity
  • Optimum security of data and information
  • Capability to handle large and small projects effectivelyDiverse industry experience
  • On-time delivery

we\”ll match any quoted price

This article was last Updated on February 10, 2022

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